Printing press and the Church


What was the Church’s response to the advent of the printing press? Is it true that the Church didn’t know how to respond to Protestantism 's written tracts? Does anyone know if there are any books on this topic?


As I recall the first substantial book produced on a movable type printing press was the Catholic Bible, right?


Right, and the printing press pre-dated the so called reformation by about 100years, so it is more llike protestants trying to catch up with the Catholic press.



Erasmus thoroughly rebuked Luther’s notion of the enslaved will and God’s participation in Man’s sin, so I would say the answer to your second question is “Nope.”

Hillaire Belloc’s “How the Reformation Happened” is excellent and will lend you the context necessary to separate the convenient mythology of the Reformers from the historical facts.

I’m reading “The Stripping of the Altars” right now, which is excellent, but I’m not sure if it deals specifically with the printing press.


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