Prison inmate suing NFL, says Steelers should be in playoffs instead of Chargers


Distraught fans go to some extreme lengths to voice their displeasure at their team’s playoff failures. But a prison inmate initiating a lawsuit and asking a judge to force the NFL to stop the playoffs let the Steelers in over the Chargers?


Sounds like someone has got too much time on their hands!


“loser pays” would be a good way to end lawsuits like this


Funniest thing I have heard in a long time! Thanks for the laugh. :slight_smile:


:newidea: Can I sue the estate of Harold Ballard for all the years Toronto didn’t win the Stanley Cup? Force a replay of all the championship series?


When you’re in jail, you’ve got all the time in the world. :shrug:


Why don’t we just have a mandate that makes all games in the NBA, NFL and MLB win at home, lose on the road.

That way, everyone finishes .500 and can even get a participation ribbon at the end. :thumbsup:


Except in this case the taxpayers would pay.


Then the total points scored would be used as a tie-breaker and the refs would get sued.


Ok, I know we Steelers fans take our football very seriously, but this is too much! :slight_smile:


Fine, but he pays it back over the course of his incarceration out of his cigarette allowance.


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