Prisoners convert to Islam for jail perks

Inmates are converting to Islam in order to gain perks and the protection of powerful Muslim gangs, the Chief Inspector of Prisons warns today.

Dame Anne Owers says that some convicted criminals are taking up the religion in jail to receive benefits only available to practising Muslims.

The number of Muslim prisoners has risen dramatically since the mid-1990s — from 2,513 in 1994, or 5 per cent of the population, to 9,795 in 2008, or 11 per cent. Staff at top-security prisons and youth jails have raised concerns about the intimidation of non-Muslims and possible forced conversions.

Dame Anne’s report, Muslim Prisoners’ Experiences, published today, says that, although several high-profile terrorists have been jailed recently, fewer than 1 in 100 Muslim inmates have been convicted of terrorism.

You’d think Britsh Catholics of all people would be sympathetic to people expressing their religion… After all, being a Catholic here was illegal for hundreds of years; we were only allowed to practice in the 19th Centuary…

Whilst it is sad that people might be converting for the wrong reasons; it would be unchristian to judge the choices and motives of other people.


They try that here as well, trying to push of hallaa meat. Sheriff just gives them kosher beans and bread instead. :slight_smile:

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