Prisoners Dancing to Thriller

I wasn’t sure where to put this, but had to share because it is unreal.

They are actually really good

This looks fun.

Years ago, my two daughters spent an entire weekend, Friday evening, all day Saturday, and most of Sunday learning this dance. They were about 12 and 14. I was at work and my husband did computer work at home while the two girls rewound the tape over and over and practiced each set of steps. On Sunday afternoon, they entertained us by doing the entire dance.

I think this kind of physical workout is great fun. What a good idea for a prison. Maybe if they did more of this and less of “soccer drills” in school PE, more kids would actually enjoy physical workouts. (I HATED soccer and still do.)

I wish that someone would start a class in which all of us “non-dancers” could learn some of the great dances of filmdom (e.g., Singin’ in the Rain, Thriller, some of the Flashdance dances, etc., some of the big chorus line dances from the old musicals). Obviously the dances might have to be dumbed down a little for people like me. But it would be fun to be part of the “chorus” while my more athletic classmates took the lead roles!

I guess they had all the time in the world to learn that, huh?

It made me long for the days when the mention of Michael Jackson brought to mind that he was a brilliant entertainer, not that he was a pedophile.

What a waste of a life.:frowning:

That was pretty cool.

Anyone know where that was at?

When I was in college I took some sort of health class where we’d exercise and she’d lecture on healthy eating. Well I loved the step classes we did because she incorporated a lot of dance moves I’d see at the clubs. It was fun. And funny! I was constantly laughing while I did that and she’d just smile.

Now if only we could figure out how to put ice skating rinks inside of prisons, and create skate blades that couldn’t be used as lethal weapons. Then we could start Prison Synchronized Skating Teams!

If you have no idea what synchronized skating looks like, check out this video of our current National Champions, the Haydenettes! Enjoy greatly!

Of course, we could always do Synchronized roller skating teams in prison (yes, it’s a real sport!).

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