How can ı edıt or change my profıle name? And ıts uncomfortable our prayers are beıng put on google… Where are the prıvacy settıngs

You cannot make changes to this current user name, but you can stop using it and create a new username. The mods suggest that you not use your real name and if you take the time to think about it you should be completely anonymous if you are careful when you set up the new account. In addition, I for one am glad that the post show up on google searches as that is how I found the forum the first time. I had a question regarding confession and when I googled it there were several threads from the forum pop up and even on where a moderator answered. It was a real blessing for me, I would hate for someone else not to have the same opportunity.


Posts on CAF are not “put on google” but they are searchable as are most forums on the internet.

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