Private about religious beliefs

I am a very private person. I am introverted so I guess that plays a role. However I don’t often talk about religion with many people. Not necessarily because I’m ashamed but mainly because I just don’t feel the need to express myself in such a way. I will sometimes discuss my religion. Many of my friends, even my close friends don’t really know that I am very religious. Many don’t even know I’m Catholic. I prefer just not to bring it up or discuss it. I’m a private person and my beliefs are very personal. Is this wrong? Should I be trying to spread the gospel?

There is more to spreading the gospel than trying to act like a street preacher.

Performing the corporal and spiritual acts of mercy is a good way.

Show your beliefs in your actions and behavior.

If asked about your beliefs tell them calmly and honestly.

I think this is an interesting question in 2016. Today most people (?) are atheists, or at least agnostics. Of those who believe in God, most of them don’t really know what they believe–they’ve never really thought about it. Of those who have thought about it, even if you belong to the same religion, there are all sorts of opinions.

It seems to me that if you want to discuss religion, that’s the purpose of this forum and others like it. You can have other people challenge your ideas, and you might read some things you never thought of yourself.

You might occasionally run across people who have an interest in religion and would like to discuss it, but who belong to no particular church. That’s where you might have an opportunity. You could always go to RCIA classes–either as an instructor or just a participant.

You can also influence people just by participating in forums like this.

I can empathize with your position…

I believe that any casual observer should be able to see that we are Christian without the use of words. In fact, I believe the world would benefit if everyone was struck mute for a period… that would quickly show who is Christian and who is not.

Read Ephesians Chapter 4.
We are each called according to our gifts.
Be at peace.

I’m the same way. I am more than happy to talk about it if the subject comes up, but I’m not street preacher-y (nor do I think that approach works).

My friends do know I’m Catholic though. The way I evangelize is by trying to be a good one, so that when they think of Catholicism, they think of me–and hopefully that will be a good thing, but that’s easier said than done.

I am kind of in a similar situation. I converted to Catholicism in 2015 and am the only Catholic in my immediate family. Since I am used to going to Mass alone, it seems that most of my faith is in private. I too haven’t told most of my friends. What is weird is there are good Catholic teachings that I find on Facebook and really connect with. I always second guess myself on whether or not I should like/comment/share on it because I wonder what others will think. Sometimes I say yes and post, sometimes I don’t. For the past couple of weeks I have been praying the rosary daily and I do feel that it has given me more confidence in my faith. I am caring less what others think and more about what Jesus wants. I will pray for you!!

that is a gift to be a private person. You will spare yourself a lot of unnecessary drama. St. Francis I believe said preach the gospel at all times but use words if necessary.

Thanks be to God somebody brought this up.

While I practice my faith and am involved within the parish.

I don’t really have that many Catholic friends. Most are atheists, pagans, and protestants and while none of us really talk about religion I always try to live faith through action not words.

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