Private Bowe Bergdahl - captured by Taliban

Please pray for him and his family. :signofcross:

HAILEY, Idaho — Friends and family of an Idaho soldier who was captured in Afghanistan prayed for his safe return Sunday, shaken by the image of the frightened young private in a Taliban video posted online.

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, was serving with an Alaska-based infantry regiment earlier this month when he vanished, just five months after arriving in Afghanistan. He was serving at a base near the border with Pakistan in an area known to be a Taliban stronghold.

Bergdahl is from Hailey, a town of about 7,000 people in central Idaho where he worked as a barista and was active in ballet. A sign that hangs in the window of Zaney’s River Street Coffee House says “Get Bowe Back,” and a message inside asks customers to “Join all of us at Zaney’s holding light for our friend.”,2933,533808,00.html

This story has really affected me. I was thinking of him tonight while I shopped for birthday party supplies for my daughter. We go about our lives so complacently while this young man is half the world away, so scared. God bless all of our troops and let’s end this war, already!

I started a prayer thread for him yesterday.

I agree. It was terrible to see that picture of him. I really hope he is ok, and makes it home safely.

Thanks, Bacon - I will add a prayer. :slight_smile:

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