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I was curious if anyone has ever thought about or has gone ahead and constructed their own private chapel for worship on their family grounds but away from the distractions of the household? I have thought about setting one up for private worship to God as well as to Mary and my chosen saints (Sts. Christopher and Maximillian Kolbe). I wasn’t sure though if the Church might frown on such a practice though.


What possible reason is there for the Church to frown on it? If you’ve got the room to do it, wonderful.

As long as you’re not skipping Mass on Sundays in order to pray in your private ‘chapel’ (I don’t know that it should really be called a chapel if Mass isn’t celebrated there), it’s fine.

Small correction - we worship God alone, we only pray to Mary and the saints, we don’t worship them.


That is such a cool idea. Other than a chapel would it be called a shrine, maybe?


I suppose, or more simply and boringly a ‘prayer room’. I know oratory in Latin literally means ‘place of prayer’ - I don’t know exactly how the word is used, though.


Someone sent me the link for a cottage company who will build a chapel on your property. Very cute. Might be able to google it, as I don’t remember the name of the company.




My bad on the vernacular (4 hours of sleep is a wonderful thing)…worship God and venerate Mary and my patron saints. And yes, I love going to my parish, this would be for outside of normal mass.

Thank you for the info though. Right now I am praying for strength and guidance while working towards consecration into the Militia of the Immaculata, and I’ve been praying the Rosary nightly. I’m currently saying my prayers in my living room but there are many distractions no matter what room I pick right now. I got to thinking how nice it would be to have a little one room building separate from the house with no phones, no computers, no cat, maybe not even electricity, just candlelight.


I know many people who have set up a prayer corner in a room and a couple of families with a house large enough to have one room designated as a ‘library/reading room’ or prayer room.

Right now my husband uses a corner of our “office” as his prayer space. He shuts the door, lights a candle, and does his study and prayer there.

As a family, we say our rosary and have morning prayer in the living room. We say evening prayer in our bedroom. Yes there are distractions, but a candle and an icon or crucifix can give you a focus point.


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