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sfo Franciscans move around a lot, and I have been assigned another job posting in another town.

I was wondering if it would be OK to ask for a written confirmation of my successful completion of my private formation?.

Have you been professed yet? If so, you should have received a Certificate Of Profession In The OFS? This your confirmation of having completed your formation and therefore full acceptance into the Order. If you have completed your formation; and as of yet have not been professed; you should be able to receive a letter from the Fraternity’s Minister verifying completion of formation and awaiting pprofession. God bless.

If you are asking if you can finish formation on your own, then no.

The OFS stopped allowing “OFS in isolation” many years ago.

Sorry. :frowning:


Assuming the steps are initiation period, private formation, profession, ongoing formation.

If a member completes his personal formation, moves to another city, then enters another Secular Franciscan Order, can he after he completes his initiation period, go to profession.

In other words would the new order honor his private formation of the previous order.?

People move around a lot.

Sorry for the confusion.

But they aren’t. They are inquiry, candidacy, profession, ongoing formation.
There is no exclusively private period (obviously you study at home, too, but it is a requirement that you attend meetings monthly).

I truly apologize if I am missing something.:o

If by “private formation” you mean “formation”:

the new fraternity is not required to accept your transfer. They can decide to accept you “as is”; accept you with conditions (having you go through their formation process to a greater or lesser degree); or to not accept you at all.

Before you attempt the transfer make sure that you have:

  1. Your profession certificate

  2. The address and phone # of a Council member of your old fraternity (preferably the Minister and Formation Director)

If you are a Professed Secular Franciscan or a Candidate for Profession, you are a member of the Order. There is only one Order. There are lots of local fraternities.

You write about private formation, and you list that as before Profession, so it sounds like maybe you aren’t professed? If you are still pre-profession, and move, you need to meet with the council of the local fraternity where you now live, and communicate to them where you are in the formation process. Our formation director has a folder of detailed notes on everything that gets covered with each person, so that if anyone did move, s/he could take that list and all would be very clear. Without that, they really have no idea who has done what, and every fraternity handles formation differently, based on group size and needs.

There is a poster on here who essentially had to start over at least twice, when she moved. That’s rough, but it is the local council’s decision.

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