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Is it still possible to send private messages through the Forums or I saw it referenced in the FAQ but don’t see how to do it… I would appreciate anyone’s guidance as to how to go about this. Thanks!


Can someone please move this to Site Feedback?


As for how to do it, go in your profile and click the envelope to see messaging functions


Thank you!! Looks like we no longer have the ability to private-message the staff apologists…


When I type in their names, nothing shows in the dropdown…


There haven’t been staff apologists on here for about the last couple years.


Okay – now I know. Thanks so much for your help.


One more question: Is my email address (with which I signed up on Catholic Answers) visible to anyone on the site when I post?


Nope. :smiley:


If you have a question to ask, the main site of still has Ask An Apologist.


Thanks so much! Sorry to be a pain, but can you please tell me how to find it on the site? I’ve looked all around but not found it…


As in you can’t find the answers or in that you don’t know where to go to ask?


Don’t know where to go to ask… Looking for ‘Ask an Apologist.’ Thanks so much.


I took a look and I don’t know. Maybe @camoderator or @cawebmaster would know where to go to ask a question to the apologists on the main site.


So it’s not just me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I will follow your advice. Thanks again!


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