Private NFP classes being given at my parish--woohoo!

*I’m so excited, I had to share this with you all today! In our bulletin, it’s been announced that my parish (not a neighboring one, not another diocese) but MY PARISH will be conducting one on one ‘‘classes’’ for NFP…Creighton model. :extrahappy: A local Catholic ob/gyn will be on site to participate in the classes also! I can’t believe it…I couldn’t find anyone local a few months ago, and I have been praying and praying, and today…it was like an early Christmas surprise, reading that! :o I’m especially enthused that this will be one on one, private classes for those who make appointments in advance.

My dh and I follow NFP, but wow, I am not vigilant. :blush: We are trying to not conceive anymore, but of course if we found ourselves pregnant again, we’d feel grateful and blessed. It’s just not something we are planning anymore (to have more kids). That said, I feel like we are winging it more often than not…so, these classes will be just what we need.

Just wanted to share with you all! :)*

That’s great!

Creighton is awesome.

Yes, 1ke…it’s great news! I also like that the parish is taking a big step in bringing nfp teaching to its parishioners. That is part of the problem, I think. The Church teaches that NFP is a moral form of spacing births, etc…but there isn’t enough in the way of resources EASILY available in many parishes across the country. So, whatta a blessing eh? :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: That’s great! Definitely a blessing:thumbsup:

I’m going to say here what I’ve said several other places about NFP.

It’s only smart for a woman to know how her reproductive system works, and to know what is normal and abnormal for her own body.

I’m not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I’ll make a gentleman’s bet that it will be discovered that women who practice NFP will be able to catch abnormalities and anomalies before they become major malignancies.

*Oh I agree. Becoming intimately aware of changes, and so forth to being able to detect abnormalities is an added bonus with following NFP!:slight_smile:

I have been following a form of NFP, I am familiar with Creighton, but honestly, became very lazy with it. I feel confused at times, and so thrilled to know that there will be an actual doctor on site, teaching this, one on one. It would be a blessing if all dioceses could offer this. It is rare, this is the first time I have ever seen this being offered at the parish level. *

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