PRIVATE PRACTICE pro-choice episode tonight

Did anyone catch this garbage on tonight?.. :mad:

I saw the episode last night right after I watched LIFE ON THE ROCK on EWTN featuring Dr. Monica Miller and her pro-life work. She rescues aborted babies from trash cans and takes photos to show that they are indeed human beings that should be treated with respect and dignity. What a contrast to then watch Private Practice where a 15 daughter becomes pregnant and the mother who is supposedly pro-life demand that her daughter get an abortion. There was actually a scene where the mother was shown praying the rosary and said that she will probably go to hell but she didn’t care. However, if you watched until the end of the episode, the daughter actually chose life for her baby!!! I was so surprised that I screamed “YES!”. Maybe there is a little glimmer of hope left.

I saw the last few minutes of the show but I think the Mother’s reaction - get an abortion is not so uncommon. :frowning: It’s so easy to say you’re prolife… but it’s another thing to actually BE in an unwanted pregnancy situation. I think that explains why so many CATHOLIC women have abortions. It’s sad… they are deperate and in that moment of total panic, it’s too easy to obtain one. I think in the final scene where the mother was weeping showed how horrified she was when she realized what she asked her daughter to do.

Did you watch the whole episode? It was a powerful pro-life message! The mother trying to force the girl to have an abortion, and the girl choosing to see the miracle of life when her mother wanted her to see the pain of labor.

I was brought to tears by the reality of the show. I thought it was portrayed very well. The pro-life mother found herself changing her mind when it came to her own daughter. That is a very real reaction - it was raw, emotional, and difficult - very true to life. The daughter, however, stayed true to her own beliefs in the end, and it will be interesting to see how they continue this storyline. I think that the mother will be grateful that her daughter prevailed when she holds her grandbaby in her arms and will be horrified that she would have killed it if given the choice. But this is television and that may to be much to hope for! We will seee…

I don’t understand why some did not like the episode. As described here, it sounds like a very good episode showing real life situations that come, with a very happy ending!! And don’t think there aren’t Catholic women like this mother. I know some practicing Catholics who have felt the same way when their daughters got pregnant. Of course I don’t agree that it’s right, but these people were pro life all their lives until it happened to their daughters. Sad, but real.

i did see the end and its good that the young girl chose life but the BIG problem i am having with this EP is that the doctors said that life starts at birth and the mother thats suppose to help women get pregnant on the show chooses death for her own flesh and blood wile shes praying a rosary (i guess shes Catholic), and the whole women’s liberation movement so that women can choose to do with their bodies what ever they want really tip me off. Even tho the message at the end was good i think it was a slap in the face to the Church but then again thats just my opinion. :shrug:

But that’s real life. And that’s what that show strives to portray…real life scenarios.

I have to say this one had me ready to quit watching Private Practice. If the girl had chosen the abortion, it would have been the last. Addison’s little speech really made it look like the writers were definitely pro-abortion.

In one of the early episodes, they did establish that Addison’s friends are Catholic (“still married in the eyes of the Church”) So, having someone Catholic push so hard for the abortion and Addison’s big speech really turned me off. But, the girl looked to what her mother had taught her about life… and chose life.

It is true that the episode showed a real-life issue. It’s also true that many Catholics would wrestle with the problem just like they did in the show. But, it did look to be another media-fed pro-abortion episode until the end. They did redeem themselves!

So you believe that a story must be resolved in a morally appropriate way for it to be acceptable? Fiction that depicts life outside the bounds you have chosen for your own life is not worth paying attention to?

If a story ends with an abortion, it must therefore be “another media-fed pro-abortion” story? I’m also a little unclear as to what you mean by “media-fed”. Do you believe that anyone who is pro-choice is that way because they’ve been “fed” a pro-choice narrative by “the media”? Would you object if someone called a story, like this episode, that ended without an abortion, a church-fed anti-abortion story?

It’s a slap in the face for people who are pro-life, because it tries to depict us as a bunch of hypocrites, with the generic, “I don’t understand your state in life but I want you to have the baby anyway” sort of idea. Pro-death people think pro-lifers don’t understand their situation, and believe that had the pro-lifer been in the same situation, they would have come to the same conclusion to have an abortion as the pro-death person.

It also shows the CNO praying the rosary as a slap in the face principally to catholics.

So you believe that characters in stories wholly represent the broad-swath of people who seem to kind of share some of that character’s views? Could it maybe be that writers write characters that represent a single individual rather than everyone who’s sort of like that character?

Realist: I don’t usually argue about issues like this. But, considering the speech that Addison made that was definitely on th “pro-choice” (usually meaning “pro-abortion” ) side of things, I would have disliked it if they had not balanced the issue. I am tired of the media – be it news or fiction – being rather biased.

And speaking of such: kudos to CBS for not bowing down to the pro-abortion side of things. I’ve been reading about a Super Bowl spot that is highlighting Tim Tebow’s mother’s CHOICE not to have an abortion when she was faced with a crisis. The spot has been criticized by the so-called “pro-choice” activists because of it’s message. (You can read about it at the St Michaels Society web page.)

So it is the job of the writer is to create characters that “balance” each other out? Would you have a problem, then, with a story that consisted of only “pro-life” characters? Or would the lack of balance in such a story be fine with you?

I have been dealing with real life (work, snow, kids etc) and haven’t had a chance to reply to Realist. So here goes.

Reality is what we get everyday. Everyday unborn children are killed. Yet we sugar-coat that with “pro-choice” messages. Isn’t it about time we embrace Life?

I am not outspoken about issues by nature. I usually avoid conflict. So yes, if something begins to go too far, I will vote with MY choices: what to watch, what to buy, where to go. It is my opinion that counts in those areas.

I posted to a thread started by people who felt the same as I did about an episode of TV. I added my “voice” to theirs. You added yours to say we are wrong. I respect your right to your opinion and will not argue further.

I’m less concerned with your opinion regarding abortion than with your opinion regarding storytelling. I’ve been taught that writing is the pursuit of revealing resonant truth. It’s disappointing to me when so many people simply wish writing to pander to their views.

Okay, I will answer that. They are free to write and pursue. I am free to watch, read or listen to what I choose to. I don’t push others to not watch, read or listen to what I don’t want to watch. And I expect others to respect my decisions as well.

Television has through the years presented life. It has idealized reality, laughed with and at reality, dramatized it. It has been used as a sounding board for issues of the day. It has also changed reality… and what is accepted in society. TV reflects real life which is then influenced by TV… and the standards get looser and looser. So yes, I believe writers can write what they wish, but my wish is that they would do so responsibly.

Oh, one more thing. If you haven’t noticed, the Catholic church and the beliefs of it’s members seem to be the one thing that it is still “okay” to bash. I think Jesus’ Church deserves better.

It’s absolutely fair to watch/read/listen to only what you choose. We all self-select. I can’t argue with that. But please don’t pull the isn’t-it-unfair-how-persecuted-I-am card. That’s nonsense. We are all misunderstood.

You’re putting words in my mouth. And, I am not the first to say what I posted about the Catholic church. I don’t cry “It’s not fair”. It’s just the truth… or are you really NOT a “realist”?

And, you are the one that continues to argue against me (and others like me) stating our opinion about a TV episode when that is clearly what this thread was asking for.

Getting back to the discussion of the episode, I thought it was pretty realistic.

I think the mom in the situation was so devastated by her daughter’s pregnancy that she fell down in her faith. It seemed to me an attempt to protect her daughter from what she saw as a life-changing problem. I thought the point of the ending, when the girl chose NOT to have the abortion was to show that her mother had, in fact, taught her daughter well. The daughter knew it was wrong, because her parents always taught her it was!!!

Addison’s pro-choice speech was in there because, well – that’s the current reality. If you asked a OBGYN about abortion, that’s what she’d tell you. That it is legal, and that she can’t tell you what to do, you have to make up your own mind. Now, let’s not forget that Addison tried to talk sense into the mom prior to this – she knew it was against her friend’s beliefs. ANd I thought her talk with the daughter showed that she knew the girl didn’t want to do it, and she was giving her an out.

Anyway, I personally find it nice that the show has Catholic characters who pray, and who are portrayed not as fanatical religious nuts or stupid sheep, but as intelligent and complex (albeit flawed) human beings.

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