Private prayer and dress code at home

Now that we’ve addressed how to dress in church, i was wondering about how we should be dressed when privately praying at home.
In the summer heat I like to wear a bare minimum of clothes at home:D . In the winter I like to wrap in a blanket as well as clothes, but what is the right thing to do when I face Our Lord in prayer? What is most respectful?
What do you do?

If you live alone then significantly dressing down won’t be a potential cause for scandal, but how you act and dress at home affects how you’re going to act and dress elsewhere. After all, how you dress is only one aspect of the virtue of modesty. If I were to tell dirty jokes and use crude language around the guys at work it doesn’t help me build moral character or reinforce my behavior as an example to my children at home, or around my fellow Catholics at Church. Let common sense be your guide, but I think it’s unreasonable to think that you can simply throw the switch and change your behaviour based on whether you’re at home or not.

God is present everywhere with you - yes, even when you’re on the can, in the shower, or otherwise nekkid.

St Teresa of Avila claimed to have prayed on the john, and supposedly was mocked by a devil for praying at such a time - but wrongly, and she sent the devil packing with a swift retort which escapes me.

I find that when I take a shower in the morning I can use that time of physical cleansing for some good spiritual cleansing too. It really helps me to look at it that way and it helps me get ready to face the day.

It was something to the effect of St. Theresa having the devil know that what prayers came from her lips were for God, and what came out the other end was for him. :wink:

Seriously? Where can I read about this???

It’s important to remember that God is always with us and hears our every thought. No one should feel like they have to get “gussied up” before speaking to God. Any time worrying about what to wear could be used to enjoy God’s company.

What we really need to think about is how our soul looks. Like the song says…can’t think of who it’s by…“I wanna be beautiful. Make You stand out. Look inside my heart and be amazed.”


I seem to remember that we are to try and pray constantly. I don’t remember the Bible setting out a dress code.

OK, I live at home with two cats. The cats are NUDE…not even with the cats’ pajamas. If I am in bed, I pray Compline in my underwear. Nothing like a long, hot, leisurely bubble bath for slow, contemplative prayer time.

We may be required to dress up in Church to impress others, or by social pressures. Frankly, I doubt if any of that is of interest to God, as long as you are praying from the heart.

GOD LOVE YOU!:thumbsup:

Well I cover even at home for prayer. I usually wear skirts or jumpers as does my daughter.:slight_smile: With the grandchildren in the house they see how we dress and how we act and can see our beliefs lived out in real life.:smiley:

We may be required to dress up in Church to impress others, or by social pressures.

I think for a lot of people, not all but a lot, dressing up for church isn’t about the other people at Mass. It’s about being a good guest. God has invited you to His house for a very special meal, so showing up in shorts and a t-shirt is like showing up late: tacky. God would definitely rather you came in rags than not at all and He won’t ignore our prayers because we aren’t dressed up. But it’s just a sign of respect for the invitation.


When I’m at home I’m usually in my pajamas, so that’s what I pray in. And I have been known, when at work, to go in the restroom and pray. Sometimes when we are so busy we don’t get breaks or even lunch, that is the only place that is quiet!

I pray no matter where I am or what I’m doing. I never give a thought to any of it. I just talk to God whenever I think about Him. If that means when I’m going to the bathroom, or in the tub, or in bed, or driving, or cleaning, or cooking, or cleaning the cat box.:smiley:

It pleases Him more to know that I want to just talk to Him in everything I do, than that I am too distracted by all this other stuff that doesn’t even matter, and then put limitations on when it’s appropriate to communicate with Him. Abba, Father. What good father turns away or disapproves of his adoring child because of the clothes on his/her back?

And besides, He made our bodies, He has no qualms about any of us speaking to him unclothed. It’s not like he can’t see through them anyway!:wink:

:thumbsup: But as there are children in the house it is best to dress so as not to embarrass myself. :smiley: There are four adults and three children that live here. So praying all the time is normal as is dressing modestly. :wink:


Understood. :wink:

I don’t have those restraints at this time so my life is more free. I think it’s safe to say that whatever situation you find yourself in, prayer should always fit into that situation naturally, comfortably and without selfconciousness. :thumbsup:

She said I give to God what goes up, and you get what decends.

Jesus does not care what you wear.

Where do you find this (Jesus does not care) in Tradition or the Bible?

It is mainly about the other people. God is past caring what people wear. However Mass is public worship. How you dress sends a message to the rest of the congregation about your attitude to the proceedings, and indeed to them.

Frankly, and maybe I’m alone in this thinking, but I don’t worry what I am wearing. I worry more about my state of mind. My priest always tells us to be true and not fake, and that is the most important. Since God sees us at all times, do you really think what you are wearing matters? Wouldn’t He rather know your heart is sincere?

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