Private Prisoner Vans’ Long Road of Neglect


"Like dozens of states and countless localities, Butler County outsources the long-distance transport of suspects and fugitives. Mr. Galack was loaded into a van run by Prisoner Transportation Services of America, the nation’s largest for-profit extradition company.

Crammed around him were 10 other people, both men and women, all handcuffed and shackled at the waist and ankles. They sat tightly packed on seats inside a cage, with no way to lie down to sleep. The air conditioning faltered amid 90-degree heat. Mr. Galack soon grew delusional, keeping everyone awake with a barrage of chatter and odd behavior. "

"Every year, tens of thousands of fugitives and suspects — many of whom have not been convicted of a crime — are entrusted to a handful of small private companies that specialize in state and local extraditions.

A Marshall Project review of thousands of court documents, federal records and local news articles and interviews with more than 50 current or former guards and executives reveals a pattern of prisoner abuse and neglect in an industry that operates with almost no oversight."


Tragic, really like moving packages or worse, animals, its been going on for some time. One might ask whos in charge out here anyway. That been going on I’ll bet 30 years.

What a monster we created. Thats changed over the years from the Marshalls or state Sheriffs if I remember, then all that above became worse. You have to wonder if theres a history of change in who handled this and how it was changed. Sounds less expensive in the private sector but badly monitored.

Article IV, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution provides that upon the demand of the governor of the prosecuting state, a state to which a person charged with a crime has fled must remove the accused “to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.”

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