Private relevations and discernment

Forgive me please if I say something out of ignorance as this is not a subject I know much about.

Without going into specifics (as it’s against CAF rules) I have noticed that some of unapproved relevations/apparitions have very similar messages as approved ones do.

Providing that the “recipient” have not been deceptive or had a type of disorder,and that the source truly was spiritual-if the source is not from God but “bad spirits” what benefit would it have for them to give a similar message as approved ones (eg:to follow Jesus,pray and be humble etc)?

Also some of the unapproved ones that appeared to produce some good fruit (at least on the surface) like deeper prayer life etc so is it a case that good can come from bad (if that makes sense)?

Thankyou Elena

I think I understand your question.

I have read that even the great saints had difficulty discerning the demonic versus revelation from God since the former can deceive. I have also read (from books written by exorcists) they will, at times, do something that seems good to gain trust and deceive, only to rope the person into evil or despair later on. It is a method of breaking down defenses.

The Catholic Church investigates the “approved” revelations thoroughly. They conduct interviews and review the details. If the person involved in the revelation is humble, not looking for profit, etc., and there are other witnesses, such details strengthen the case.

Clearly, there needs to be some vetting mechanism and skepticism for these types of things.

Note that following even the approved revelations is not a requirement.

I tend to stick with the more well know variety, such as Saint Faustina’s diary and the divine mercy message. I am curious about Fatima as well and I’m looking for more information on it.

Unapproved private revelations/apparitions may or may not have been rejected by the Church yet. Still, I think we should be cautious around them, for they can be demonic in source, or heretic. In that possible case, how would the average catholic know?
Father Fortea says that a good advice (say, pray more) is always… good, even if it is demonic in origin, and that’s because a good advice will still be good even if the preacher is evil. However, following a wrong/heretic/demonic revelation will eventually lead you to error, maybe not at the beggining, but as it develops.
Be extremely careful around these phenomena, and ALWAYS follow the criteria of the Church (if it says it’s dangerous, then better not delve into it).
Blessings, dear. Peace be to you.
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So when a demon appears as an angel and gives messages the recipient should start praying with the “angel” to test them?

I think demons flee if you sprinkle them with holy water.

Bad idea!
Exorcists and those in the deliverance ministry say that when they ask a possessed person to repeat a prayer, the possessed person often repeats the prayer with errors and different words,

Padre Pio and St John Bosco’s rule was:

  1. say aloud the Name Jesus and the name Mary.
  2. ask the 'angel" to say the name Jesus.
    (if it is of God it will. If it is not of God it will be repulsed by hearing the Name Jesus and will refuse to say the Name Jesus.)
  3. Make the blessing of Sign of the Cross at the “angel” or vision or manifestation,
  4. always carry holy water near you, in your car, workplace, house, bedroom,
    Sprinkle holy water at the private revelation, if it is not of Jesus, it will flee and not return.

A powerful prayer:
"In the Name of Jesus I command all evil and all evil companions to immediately leave me, my family, relatives, friends, associates, in laws, acquaintances, colleagues and friends, our places, possessions and sources of supply, without any harm, manifestation or revenge towards any of the people, places and things mentioned, and go directly to the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the nearest Blessed Sacrament of the Holy Altar, where Jesus Christ will dispose of you, according to His good and holy wishes.

Other powerful prayers:
In the Name of Jesus I cover all evil in the Precious Blood of Jesus and say all evil is now powerless in the Name of Jesus.

I cover myself, relatives, family, friends all our places and possessions in the Protection of the Precious Blood of Jesus and Mantle of Our Lady.

Another powerful prayer is praising God spontaneously in your own words.

Most important prayer is faith. Always have faith that your are protected from all evil by Jesus, and that no harm can befall you in the Name of Jesus

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