Private revelation from God

The Holy Scriptures were written by men who had private revelation from God about men and women who had private revelation from God,



Jesus and Mary;yes, they had revelation from God Allah. Those who wrote the NTBible, Jesus never mentioned to my knowledge that they received Revelation from the same source Jesus and Mary received.

This is what I believe according to my faith; others are welcome to differ with me. I am a good listener, you know.

I love Jesus and Mary as I do love Buddha and Krishna for world peace.


I think Hisalone was trying to make a statement from a non-Catholic viewpoint. But it would be interesting to look at the similarities both Protestants and Muslims have regarding scriptural authority. I have created a separate thread called Protestants and Muslims - Understanding Scriptural Authorityso as to not derail Hisalone’s thread.

Yes I was trying to make that point. The point is that my faith is that of many others that followed personal private revelation and now there are CAtholics who would say a person is not to follow personal private revelation or as they would say private interpretation.

The Bible is private revelation? Not a bit of it.

The prophets of the OT were told (frequently in so many words) to speak or write God’s words down for the whole people of Israel, not just themselves. Makes it public revelation.

The rest of it - the Law, Genesis and so on - is revelation that is again of vital importance to the whole community. How would they know where they came from if Genesis wasn’t written? How would they know what the Law was if it wasn’t written? That purpose - the intent that it be for the whole community - again makes it public revelation.

Same with the NT - the writers of the Gospels, St Paul and so on, were writing to instruct and teach the whole community and not just as a private thing.

There is a simple logical explanation for this reasoning by Catholics. If you were to approach different Protestant ministers from various denominations and asked how each interpret Revelation 17, they would all have different answers. Some would say Rome is the breeding ground for the False Prophet, others would say Russia, yet others would say the U.N is the Whore of Babylon and some even say its the White House. Catholics are not interested in confusion as God is not the creator of confusion but of the Truth. Jesus gave the Church the authority to rightly interpret Scripture and revelation. The fact is, revelation is progressive, but it takes a heavenly guided authority with the know-hows and 2000 years of experience to interpret them correctly.

Nothing in the Bible was written before it had been proclaimed. All of it was public before it was written.

You are so right hisalone. I agree with you 100%. And the bible agree’s with you also Love!

Somehow I had missed the fact that you have put private revelation in the same catagory as private interpretation. They are two different things.

Private Revelation leads to Mormonism and in its most extreme form, Jonestown.

Private interpretation leads to division in the Christian community.

One is outright banned, the other has limits on it.

[quote=ralphinal; 4528893]Private Revelation leads to Mormonism and in its most extreme form, Jonestown.



Do you mean that Revelation was stopped with Jesus?

How would you explain vision of Paul? Was it a private Revelation or a Public Revelation?

I think you don’t have a clear concept of Revelation viz a viz Inspiration. If you have, kindly explain in detail.


According to the Catholic Faith, and most Christians through the years, public revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle, John. After that, any new revelation is private revelation and is only binding on the one who got the message. No one else is required to listen to them. Should the Church decide that this message was from God, others can listen but it is never binding as an article of faith.

Ispiration is God pushing you in a certain direction.

Interpretation is you figuring out what a scripture passage means. It is allowed in the Catholic Church with a couple of limitations.

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