Private veneration - of a non-Catholic Christian?

I have heard that it is acceptable to privately venerate non-canonized “saints”, which is part of the reason that many saints eventually become canonized - because someone attributes a miracle to their intercession.
The Christian who has helped me the most and the longest, and who cleared the path for my eventual conversion to Catholicism, was not himself a Catholic. I have had several meaningful dreams in which he appeared as a spiritual guide and helper, and a lot of my experiences of God have had something to do with his writings. His goal in life was to know and to do the will of God. Are these reasons to seek his intercession or, because he did not uphold specifically Catholic teachings, would this be off-limits?

How does he know what the will of God is? Did he read the bible and all of a sudden it popped into his head? God doesn’t work that way; God has established teaching that isn’t a result of open and individualistic interpretation of scripture. If this spiritual guide is truly a man of God, he will not present anything contrary to the teachings of the Church. God works through other people, not just Catholics. But God will not teach one thing to the Church and another to a denomination; so be wary and never lose sight of what His true teachings are.

That being said, i pray to my older sister who died before the age of reasoning. I know for a fact that she is in heaven because the Church teaches one who is baptized is sanctified already (unless he or she commits a mortal sin). Seeing as how she died before the age of reasoning, i am certain she is a saint.

Lol! No, he was against “Bible Alone”, though as I mentioned he was not Roman Catholic either, which was the reason I brought up the subject. I believe he was Anglican.

I’m sorry for the loss of your sister. I’m glad that you have comfort in her salvation.

We don’t know for sure who is heaven except for those the church has declared to be there. So it is a bit iffy to pray to anyone except them.

I know you feel loyalty to this particular person since they seem to have influenced you so much for good. But then again, if they are in heaven, they are in perfect accord with God’s will, and would understand if you prayed to other saints. From what you say, they may very well be in heaven, but we really don’t know that for sure.

Just a thought.

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