Private webinar with Tim Staples for Gold-Level Patrons

Morning, y’all. Just to let you know, the live webinar with Tim will be at 1:30 pacific next Wednesday. If you’re supporting the forums at that level, you’ll be sent an email prior to the event with login info.

The plan is to stagger these with the issues of our magazine so that you receive something from us every month for being a supporter.

Tim will probably talk about something for a few minutes at the beginning, and then open it up to whatever questions anyone wants to ask. This is our first time doing this, so please pray for us that it goes well.

If you want info on the Patron levels, click here

Hope to see you there.



I got this message from Tim a few hours ago with more detail about what he’s planning to do on the webinar:

I am going to do an “Open Forum.” Any and all questions are welcome. I will begin with ca. a ten-minute teaser to tease out questions where I will focus on a example of the biggest mistake made in biblical apologetics: Taking verses of Scripture out of context to make them say what they don’t actually say.

From there we dive into the questions


This will be exciting! Now I have to come up with a question.


@Jon_Sorensen Did I miss the Webinar with Tim Staples?

I’m curious if it was recorded. (?)

I didn’t receive an email or log in information - wonder if they had it.

1:30 Pacific on a weekday seemed like a bit of an odd time, since it’s during working hours for persons who work.

It was recorded. I’ll post a link later today.

Did you check junk or spam? Might have gone there. I not, let me know so I can look into it.

I couldn’t find anything on Aug. 12. Did others participate?

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