Pro-Abortion Chris Matthews to Speak at Saint Joseph's University

**Pro-Abortion Chris Matthews to Speak at Saint Joseph’s University **

Philadelphia, PA – Though the University of Notre Dame is coming under intense criticism for its decision to have pro-abortion President Barack Obama give its graduation address, the Catholic Saint Joseph’s University has invited pro-abortion MSNBC political talk show host Chris Matthews to give commencement.

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ACTION: Contact St. Joseph’s University with your concerns. Contact St. Joseph’s University, Timothy R. Lannon, S.J., Office of the President, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395, email, or call 610-660-1000

The liberals correctly see the Catholic Church as ripe for the picking.

Pro-Abortion Chris Matthews to get honorary degree from St. Josephs?

Is there such a complete void, an utter vacuum of deserving people? No living "Mother Theresa out there, no one who has actually taken action to make this world a better place and not just spewed vile lies on TV about how Pro-Life people are “Terrorists…?”

I guess telling the Truth about the murder of 50 million babies would strike “TERROR” into the hearts of those who are guilty of promoting the US holocaust!

I can see secular Universities glorifying the men that lead the cause of the Pro-Death, Anti-Women’s Rights Movement.

Why do our “Catholic” Universities sell out the innocent babies to the Abortion Death Butchers and the poor women are left holding the bag in the name of progressive agendas?

It is truly sad to see how so many innocent women are brainwashed with the the ration of garbage that these men push down their throats. These women buy the lies that being sexually promiscuous is liberating, it’s empowering , it’s their “choice”.

What these women don’t see is the sad fact that the same men who promote “feminine rights” could care less about the women they are supposed to support. These vile men just want to have all the sex they can, without the love or responsibility that these women deserve. They just use these women as sexual objects for their own self-gratification and then pay the $400 for the abortion to get rid of the “problem” when the pregnancy occurs (HELL, it’s probably a tax write off as a business expense! Planned Parenthood does get 300 million tax dollars every year for “women’s health”).

They don’t want “Choice” for the poor women, they want the “Choice” to have sex without any responsibility. They want the “Choice” to murder their own baby and get on to the next casual affair.

We should look back in history, I bet some German Universities gave Hitler and Eichman honorary awards for their progressive support of the Arian Race!

I guess we are no better than the Nazi’s.

I’m sorry, we are better than the Nazi’s. Actually, we are over 8 times better! They murdered 6 million innocent Jews and we have murdered 50 million innocent babies!!!

Who says the Germans are so efficient? (I am German).

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!

Well, I am glad this sort of thing is making noise in the news, though it is a bit too late, one never knows the good it could still possibly do.

thank you for this post. I sent my email.

Is there such a complete void, an utter vacuum of deserving people?

I think tha tis the wrong question. The void is occurring at the adminstration level of the Catholic universitites and campuses, and it is a complete vacuum of values in seeking out exemplary lives to honor. Instead the people who are being chosen for these honors have values resembling the values of those doing the choosing.

It is making a ripple in a small pond only.


Thanks for the heads-up.

Ridiculous. What can be done by the Church to stop these colleges and universities from doing this? I have been asked by family members who are not Catholic why the Church does not do something to stop them. I don’t have an answer for them as I don’t know what can be done. Obviously the priests who head these schools could care less about the Church’s teachings. We can all email, call and write, but I have a feeling that until large donors tell them that the money will stop coming unless this stops, nothing will be done.

Thanks - I also have sent my letter

Timothy R. Lannon, S.J.,
St. Joseph’s University
Office of the President,
5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395
Father Lannon,

As a concerned catholic I am writing to you about the decision to have Chris Matthews provided an opportunity to speak at St. Joseph’s University. Mr. Matthew’s hold positions that are in direct opposition to Church teachings, especially around the issues related to Life. Mr. Matthew’s is an out spoken proponent of Abortion and Embryonic Stem Cell Research. A public figure that is pro-abortion while professing their catholic faith is a public scandal. Father Lannon, asking such a person to speak at a Catholic University is also a public scandal. St. Joseph’s University is providing an implicit approval for Mr. Matthew’s very public support for the killing of innocent life. St. Joseph’s University ceases to be a ‘catholic’ institution when it supports the Culture of Death.

Is it truly impossible for your institution to find commencement speakers who uphold the teachings of the Church? If you would select a non-catholic speaker is it impossible to find a person who would uphold innocent life and those fundamental values that St. Paul tells us are written onto the hearts of very human person by God? At the graduation ceremony for St. Joseph’s University could you not find a notable public speaker whose life would illustrate the principals outlined in our Declaration of Independence … "being endowed by our Creator … with inalienable rights …Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness … " Does no one share those values? Are those principals too hard for our society embody?

I ask you sir, when your search committee went looking for a speaker, was a Pro-Abortion commentator was the best they could do? Or is that who they went looking for? Is this notoriety and press the desired outcome? Well, of this you can know. When people ask me about catholic institutions of higher education, I will place St. Joseph’s University on the list to stay away from. Sadly, I will have to say that your institution does not uphold authentic catholic teaching and in fact - promotes the opposite by its public actions.

Not that I think it will change hearts … I think they are actively searching these speakers out :frowning: … perhaps in a manner they thumbing their noses at the Vatican and the Bishops … at least it appears to me :shrug:

Assuming your non-Catholic family members are Protestant Christians, don’t you find it a little ironic that they would be posing this question? I mean, what, are we not kicking them out of the church or excommunicating them fast enough? Should we be starting a new inquisition? Why is it important for them to see that we deal with people who are obviously promoting dissention from the faith? Hello, Reformation, anyone?

The Church will deal with this as she has over the last 2000 years. Maybe that will lead some people to see first hand what it means to stand behind principles and the truth.

It is a difficult situation. It took the pedastry scandal to finally force the Church to begin dealing with the homosexualization of our seminaries. There is no such scandal waiting in the wings that is big enough to initiate action against Catholic universities to begin cleaning up their act.

I was just going to say the exact same thing, I think they do it on purpose to disgrace, no make that spite The Church!

I will third that idea.
Failure to diffentiate between good and evil, the moral relativism of the age which sees all differences between people as basically the same, the failure to identify evil and battle it “because we are all sinners after all”, does not result in just inaction. In the end, such moral confusion ends up having people actively side against goodness itself.

Jujubee, Yes, those relatives are Protestant Christians, and I think the question is more likely regarding whether or not the Church disciplines priests and institutions who behave in ways obviously contrary to Church teachings, and whether there is a process for doing so. It seems to someone outside of the Church that since these priests or institutions are thumbing their noses at the Church, there must be some consequence. I believe that was the intent of their question.

Hey Kate,

Yeah, I know. My point is that the Protestant Reformers were also thumbing their noses at the Church and doing things contrary to Church teachings. And we did have a way of dealing with it back then. That is the inherent irony of their question because it really isn’t that different today (and they don’t see the connection as Protestants).:rolleyes:

I think that that is one central difference. It is important to note and appreciate that Kate’s Protestant cousins are standing behind Catholic dogma one hundred percent in their criticisms. They are sympathetic to what Kate is feeling and what Kate is going through.

There is much of the Catholicism that is still alive in Protestant churches. Indeed, to the extent that Protestant churches have often not felt the same requirements of not separating the goats from the sheep in their own congregations, many Protestant churches, which define their membership though public adherence to common belief and a public adherence to a code of moral behavior, much of the Catholic morality and teaching is still very much alive in these congregations. It has not been diluted by goat culture.

Augustine’s understanding that we are not to separate the goats from the sheep, and the particular way that this was interpreted in order to make the Catholic Church a big-umbrella institution often leads to situations where the goats are actually going to be in charge in Catholic institutions.

Just as a side note, when we note how much this is the case and has been the case, what is truly remarkable to the point of miraculous is just how much the Holy Spirit has guided the Magesterium to infallibly maintain the true teachings of Christ, and to never teach false ones. In the face of being overwhelmed by goats and wolves in sheep’s clothing, the teachings of the Catholic Church remain constant, the same today yesterday and tomorrow.

This is miracle.

I agree!

I heard on Catholic Radio that we should be contacting the Papal Nuncio with these kinds of things. He is the one who can take these scandals to the Pope if the bishops who are in charge refuse to do anything. Does the anyone know who the Papal Nuncio is and how to contact him?

Darryll is right; the relative with whom I have had most of this conversation is indeed Protestant but is in agreement with the Church’s teaching. In fact, he is giving serious consideration and much prayer to becoming Catholic. He continues to spend time learning and does a better job at explaining the teachings of the Church than many of my Catholic friends and family members. However, it is a question that he has asked a number of times, “Who can do something about this?” in regard to dissident priests, universities ignoring Church teaching, etc.

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