Pro-abortion group receives massive funding

Pro-abortion group receives massive funding

The Center for Reproductive Rights, a liberal pro-abortion group, has released its annual report, including sources of funding. Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, or C-FAM, spokesman Austin Ruse says the “brain trust” of that group consists of a “who’s who” of the international movement to spread abortion worldwide.

“The purpose of their meeting was to discuss how they were going to take advantage of crisis situations – which means humanitarian crises, shooting wars, or whatever – how they are going to take advantage of these dire situations to interject their agenda into those countries,” Ruse explains.

The “brain trust,” according to Ruse, wants to take advantage of the situation to influence legal and government positions. “In this four-hour tape that we listened to, they were talking about specifics of changing judges, recruiting new judges in these type[s] of situations, rewriting constitutions,” Ruse adds.


We need to petition our congress.

God please put the full power of Your love for each person into the defence of innocent and helpless infants.
Bring those who serve You into powerful and active charitable service of Your love and will for each child; and promote guidance and help for their parents to make the decision for life and justice.

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