Pro-Abortion Groups Issue Marching Orders for Barack Obama Admin

Pro-Abortion Groups Issue Marching Orders for Barack Obama Admin

Washington, DC – A coalition of dozens of pro-abortion groups have issued a 55-page memorandum and the web site for the Barack Obama transition team posted it online. The new memo from groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL gives Obama his marching orders for the next four years.

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I challenge all Christians to visit this website and leave your comments or better yet, send a message to the President elect. For better or worse, he is our President and needs to hear our voices. Contact members of Congress to not let this bill pass.

Peace and blessings!

“The legislation would make unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy the national law and overturn hundreds of pro-life laws from partial-birth abortion bans to parental involvement laws in all 50 states.”

God Help the U.S. if this happens.:frowning:

You bet He will, just not the way you would like it

Do you mean not right out and do battle the pro-life people? Sneaky underhanded ways?

What would you prefer?

Where are all the people who voted for Obama? They seem pretty quiet about this.

I’m hoping that they are realizing the culpability they have in this. They have the blood of millions and millions of babies on their hands. Gotta call a spade a spade.


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