Pro-Abortion Movies

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I was commenting to my wife the other evening that not many movies glorify abortion - which is odd given the left-leaning view of Hollywood. I’m not a huge movie watcher but I can’t think of one movie that was pro-abortion.

Are there any movies that you can think of that show abortion in a positive light? I want to make sure I avoid them because if I see one, I’ll likely get sick (literally and figuratively).

Most movies that deal with unwanted pregnancy usually end in adoption or the mother having the baby and the conclusion being very positive.

Not to ramble, but in “Knocked Up” the mother of the girl who got pregnant made abortion seem like returning a loaf of bread to the grocery store (little effort with no moral culpability). The woman did have the baby bu the mom’s attitude turned me off completely.

Just curious…thanks!

I really liked Knocked Up. I recognize it was morally offensive in its own right, such as condoning premarital sex, but it offered a reality and a solution that many people in that lifestyle could understand.

I thought the mother/daughter argument over abortion displayed the disparity between those generations very well. We are seeing a huge change in American youth…even if they aren’t yet aware of the effects of contraception and premarital sex, they are taking a strong stance against abortion.

I think it’s because most people, even if they are liberal don’t think abortion is a good thing. I’m liberal, not particularly relgious and definately not a youth but abortion really bothers me. I just got off the phone with my oldest friend who had an abortion in college and it makes me sad, I would never condemn her at this point (20 years later) because I can’t say I wouldn’t have stupidly done the same thing when I was that age. :crying:

Because contrary to what people who are pro life, of which I am, think, they wanna paint the world in black and white, this or that,good or evil strokes - its not in every single situation. For many being pro choice doesnt mean they are pro abortion…but try and tell that to those who think in sound bites

I would NEVER see it, but “The Cider House Rules” is an example of a pro abortion movie where abortion is glorified. It made my sister (she didn’t see the movie, but she heard of it) disgusted with the actor Tobey Macguire (sp?) for appearing in such a movie.

hasikelee - you make a very good point (as did everyone else). In knocked up, it was a great juxtaposition of generations (Baby Boomers vs. Gen X).

The other thing I did not like about the movie knocked up was the free use of drugs. I sound like such a prude but that movie left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

I saw part of a movie years ago about a woman running for president. She was refusing to discuss a past abortion because she felt it was wrong to talk about it, because it was “her private decision”.

Oh, I agree with you. I wasn’t comfortable with many of the behaviours in the movie.

But the whole time I was cheering inside, because I know many people who would see a new perspective directed towards them. A.k.a young people at my company who do have premarital sex, who do drink and probably do or have done drugs.

I remember seeing that movie a few years ago. I had heard it described as pro-abortion before watching it, but afterwards, I didn’t really agree. The movie presents a conflict over abortion but doesn’t really take sides and certainly doesn’t glorify it. That’s my recollection of it, but it has been a few years since I’ve seen it.

from the USCCB (which can be reliable in MOST cases):

The Cider House Rules – Because of its **positive **treatment of abortion, references to incest, violent and suicidal behavior, drug abuse, a fleeting sexual encounter and brief nudity, the U.S. Catholic Conference classification is O – morally offensive. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13 – parents are strongly cautioned that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. The Cider House Rules is a romanticized 1940’s drama in which a young man (played by Tobey Maguire) leaves the Maine orphanage run by an abortionist doctor (played by Michael Caine) who had raised him to carry on in his footsteps, but the youth refuses to perform illegal abortions until he resorts to the procedure when a farm worker (played by Erykah Badu) becomes pregnant by her own father (played by Delroy Lindo). The movie adaptation of John Irving’s 1985 novel is emotionally manipulative in its pro-abortion stance with the story’s humanist themes failing to apply to life within the womb.

Sounds like a pro abortion movie to me. Character refuses to do abortions at first, but then it says he resorts to the procedure for a case of INCEST.

In the last week or so after the big story or Jamie Spears being a pregnant teen, I read an article that some woman was SO SAD that there wasn’t a movie or show that showed the “courageous” decision to abort. They were talking about a movie where the (middle class white ) teen was preparing to give her baby up for adoption. The complainer (must have been someone from PlannedParenthood or the like) went on about how the Spears girl and the girl in the movie were not poor yaddah yaddah. (My thought was OK so we kill the poor babies and why can’t a poor pregnant teen give a baby up for adoption.)

But I guess that it is true that despite the left leaning it is still hard to glorify abortion, I wish I could remember where I read this and who the woman complaining about not showing that courageous choice for death:mad:

That was basically my take on it, too, although I do feel the POV of the movie was to argue in favor of the legality of abortion. However, there was no glorification of abortion, in fact it presented some incredibly heartbreaking scenarios. It does not take its subject lightly, by any means.

That’s what I took from the movie as well. Weird, I don’t remember the incest thing…it’s been a while since I saw Cider House Rules. I do remember the whole drug thing. Michael Cane’s character seemed to have some moral issues, IMO, that made hime need to bury his pain in drugs. Charlize Theron was AMAZING in the movie. Toby McGuire, eh, I’m not big on him anyway.


I may be dating myself here, but some of us remember the TV program “Maude” and the watershed episode where she gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion. It was a huge controversy at the time but considered to largely be a positive step forward in the “national dialogue” about the issue. Of course, IMO, it was the beginning of the end in terms of the media attempt to push acceptance of this heinous act.

I think *Dirty Dancing *and Vera Drake have pro-abortion being legal messages.

alot of sitcoms and soap operas deal with abortion in a positive light. It’s the “only” option.

and birth control.

It’s more rampant on daily television IMHO.

there was an episode of a show called “Everwood” (which now is off the air, THANK GOD (it promoted premarital sexual relationships) that dealt with abortion. Unfortunately, the good doctor Andy Brown decided to do the abortion (I didn’t watch the episode, I just know this). Its horrible when they promote abortion as the ONLY option.

Yes, and then call themselves “pro-choice”. :frowning:

Two movies in the early 80’s: Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Teachers… the second of which has Laura Dern returning from the clinic saying “you know, I don’t really feel anything.”

Of course, I haven’t seen the other Laura Dern abortion movie, “Citizen Ruth”, but that film tried to skewer both sides of the abortion debate. As did “Palindromes” last year.

Cider house rules is a “pro-choice” propaganda film really. I remember when it won an oscar for screenplay (I think) the recipient made a “pro-choice” statement about never going back when abortion was illegal.

Then there are the various scenes that prove this. Only the cute adorable babies get adopted. The older children don’t get adopted.

The Charlize Theron character shows up for her “procedure” with her fiance’ who for some reason is “off duty” but wears his military uniform. It would seem to me that now when abortion is legal, people do not like to be recognized going to the “clinics” back then, I’m pretty sure he would have chosen to wear something that would not allow him to be recognized. Also, it seems that back in the forties, if a guy got his fiance pregnant, he would probably have married her, especially if he was going off to war. It didn’t make much sense to me.

Also of course there was the obligatory scene of the girl not surviving a botched abortion. and the Michael Caine character lecturing the Toby McGuire character about the necessity of safe abortions.

Finally, the whole idea of father impregnating his daughter, and then Toby McGuire changing his mind about abortion, and then actually performing one was very manipulative of the film makers.

And the whole abortion clinic/orphanage scenario was a bit weird.

Now for TV. ER used to be one of my preferred shows. I was pretty interested in the Luca character and his journey towards faith and I always sort of wished he would “come home”.

In one episode a young girl is pregnant. Her parents come and give her support and encouragement to continue the pregnancy. She even has a sonogram. Luca is the doctor, and has a female intern assisting him. She keeps pestering him about abortion, that he should give the girl the option. He says no, then she says something like “I want another doctor in this case. One who is not a Catholic” So Luca says, “my faith has nothing to do with how I practice medicine” So he goes in, the girl tells him that she was raped and does not want this. So Luca (Catholic and all) does the abortion himself. Then they each give various bible quotes and he tells her that “they gave God a chance to change his mind”.

Needless to say, I don’t watch it anymore.

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