Pro Abortionist Later Pro Lifer Dies

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who performed 5,000 abortions in his clinic has died. Dr. Nathanson recognized the undeniable evil of this practice, converted to Catholicism, and became a militant pro-lifer. He was the narrator of the film The Silent Scream. God’s grace does work inthe world and the casual acceptance of abortion by much of our culture can still be defeated. If Nathanson can change, pro lifers can (and will) prevail. His obit is below. Your comments are welcomed.

Rest in peace, Doctor.

Oh bless him. At least the last thirty years of his life he worked hard to save babies and thirty years is a long time. Never mind the bad things he once did because he did many good things to atone. He sounds like a brave man. I wish I’d heard of him prior to his death. He’s with God now.

Every soul saved is a victory. I’m glad he had the opportunity for conversion and change of heart!

He wrote a book about his spiritual journey from an abortion advocate and performer, to a prolife advocate. He reminds me of St Paul. Here is a link to his book.

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