Pro-Bercow MPs move to shore up his job amid Tory no-confidence plot


**Pro-Bercow MPs move to shore up his job amid Tory no-confidence plot

Supporters of John Bercow in parliament have mounted a counter-campaign to save the Speaker’s job after the Tory MP who is leading the plot to oust him claimed to have widespread support at all levels of parliament.

James Duddridge, the Conservative MP for Rochford and Southend East, who is calling on MPs to sign a motion of no confidence in the Speaker, said Bercow was “haemorrhaging support”, with more than half of the current cabinet backing his campaign.

Only a few Tory MPs have publicly declared opposition to the Speaker, including the former cabinet minister John Whittingdale, Andrew Bridgen, Karl McCartney, Daniel Kawczynski and Nadine Dorries.

But backers of the Speaker have become increasingly nervous after a video of Bercow telling students he voted to remain in the EU surfaced over the weekend, despite the requirement that he remains politically neutral.

The revelation added to Duddridge’s campaign to get him to step down, which began last week after Bercow expressed opposition to Donald Trump addressing both houses of parliament over concerns on issues of “racism” and “sexism”.

The government has not publicly given its support to Bercow, saying it is a matter for parliament. Sources have indicated MPs would be given a free vote if the motion makes it to the floor of the Commons.

However, many of Bercow’s supporters are counting on the government to quietly make efforts to dispel the rebellion and avoid destabilising parliament at a time when it wants to get crucial Brexit legislation passed.**


A video of Bercow has surfaced in which he comes out as having been a Pro-EU Remainer during the referendum - although he added that a second referendum, as called for by Pro-EU MPs, was “for the birds and not going to happen”.

The first element of his statement has added fuel to a Brexiteer plot - including, or so I’ve heard, members of the Cabinet - to oust him from his position as Speaker.

This comes after a campaign to remove him began after he stated that President Trump would not be allowed to address both Houses of Parliament.

Bercow’s many allies in Parliament are defending him and saying that he has broad Parliamentary support. The political battle lines are drawn.

Fun times.


Fun times indeed.


I love John Bercow, he is a great man. He is a Londoner of Jewish ancestry, and a fine speaker of the house. I hope parliament stops acting like babies for once. This Brexit fiasco has caused so much problems for all involved. Jeremy Corbyn coupe attempt was hilarious though.


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