Pro-Bible School District Reconsiders Passive Bible Distribution


Delta School District in Colorado has been allowing groups like the Gideons to distribute religious material “passively” in the school library among other non-classroom locations. This was claimed to be in line with the district’s attorney vetted policy of allowing passive distribution of materials in non-classroom buildings and during non-school hours. In this specific case they were allowing the Gideons to passively distribute their obliquitous bibles to the children in one of their elementary school’s library. Though this distribution was apparently also happening during school hours and during a classroom exercises so it may have been in violation of the district’s own rules from the start.

Regardless, the issue first came to light after a teacher was encouraging her students to take a bible if they wanted one during class time being conducted in the library and a student was made to feel ashamed of his non-Christian beliefs for not taking a free bible by his classmates. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) and the Satanic Temple in response attempted to force the district to end the bible distribution by the Gideons, but the district refused to comply.

In response the Satanic Temple and the FFRF have announced they are going to be distributing Satanic Temple Coloring books and other satanic and atheist literature under the same “passive” policy at the district’s schools starting April 1st. The school has no means to prevent such a distribution of Satanic or Atheistic literature since they cannot favor one religion (or areligion) over another. The school and district are now reportedly reconsidering the policy and looking into banning all religious literature distribution.

Below is the cover of the Satanic coloring book slated to be distributed if the policy is not changed.


I say let the atheists have their pamphlets. They’ll get tired eventually (like the homosexuals and gay marriage - which are still incredibly rare). And even if they don’t get tired, at least the kids will have a choice - real religion, or a silly parody - rather than only one: silence about religion.

At least we can start talking, even if some of the talkers are being jackasses about it.

Besides, that parody colouring book looks cute. I might get myself a copy (if I don’t have to pay for it).


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