Pro Choice/Abortion “Catholics”


I would refer to our good hosts


What? :worried: Seriously, what on earth? I don’t even know where to begin…


I know. May I politely enquire how that references who may call oneself Catholic, however? I assume in charity that, by ‘regularly,’ they mean ‘at least the Church’s minimum.’ Anyway, I was referring to the general point of the article. My original point stands, however. Catholicism and obstinacy in heresy are irreconcilable. God Bless!


I cannot paste the entire chapter that contains " - One becomes a member of this people not by a physical birth, but by being “born anew,” a birth "of water and the Spirit,"203 that is, by faith in Christ, and Baptism."


So we can then distinguish between a Christian and “a faithful Christian who has kept the seal until the end, remaining faithful to the demands of his Baptism” and not broken it, yes?


That references the indelible mark of Baptism which gives rebirth and removes original sin. That doesn’t equal full membership of the Church in perpetuity, especially should one seperate oneself through obstinate heresy.


That isn’t what the Catholic Church tells people when they ask to be removed from the rolls. Just saying. You can’t have it both ways.


A faithful member of the Roman Church is a Catholic. Anyone who has separated himself no longer has that immense and privilege. Baptism has very little bearing on this fact. I can’t judge those who told you otherwise.


Just a small technical point but the Catechism doesn’t use the term Catholic regarding the indelible mark, it uses the term Christian.

That may be significant regarding your point, no?


All baptized Catholics are Christians. I’m bowing out as you and I cannot communicate on the same wavelength.


It is a leisurely activity for many people. Many people who have no problem with that. I never understand why Catholic people believe other people should subscribe to their beliefs and values. This is a social issue. And if 96% of the population have no problem with birth control, I find it pretty outrageous for some Catholics to thinks they should be setting a different policy for everyone. Fine to preach to fellow Catholics what you believe. But then leave it alone. It’s really none of your business with respect to the general population.


Because many of us still believe in the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ. It absolutely is our business.



Not really. The RCCs stance has always been that once Catholic Always Catholic, not just Christian. As someone else said, can’t have it both ways.


I was describing the root of the problem of abortion.

We.look back on people who thought slavery was all right and wonder what they could possibly have been thinking. Even secular atheists think slavery is wrong.

One day the same will be true for abortion.


I think they use medicine and anti-bacterial drugs to prevent the disease from spreading. I also read an article where they would do something to the newborns so they wouldn’t carry the disease if their mother had it. So if this is all true then contraceptives aren’t really a solution that people make it out to be.


The link you reference says that in order to be Catholic, and I quote,

“he must financially support his parish. He who seeks financial compensation from the church on the grounds of abuse, he commits spiritual suicide.”

Putting aside that your link is not an official Catholic site, that requirement would seemingly preclude abused Catholics from obtaining recompense from the abusers parish (and presumably diocese, etc…) by claiming doing so is somehow “spiritual suicide”. That is a form of enablement as it removes a punitive action that is necessary to punish the church for the actions it’s allowing under its roof.


There are a lot of expenses for a parish.


And? Not sure your response is germaine to the point I’m making…


The assertion that “life” begins at conception and therefore a “person” with full human rights exists at that point doesn’t work in practice though.

Certain forms of cancer have unique DNA. They are not people. So “unique DNA” cannot be the determining factor.

After birth, some of the infant’s stem cells continue circulating in the mother. I have two siblings. Is my mother therefore four people? If some of my cells are still in my mother, am I a person apart from my mother?


It’s asking people not to financially endanger the Church. I may disagree with them, but it doesn’t change the fact that, as long as reporting is encouraged. The financial situation is bad enough already.

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