Pro Choice/Abortion “Catholics”


If you are qualified to pronounce someone a heretic, then get this over with and provide your credentials. You are wasting valuable time.

Again: there is a difference between recognizing what heresy is, and pronouncing someone a heretic.


This is just getting dull. At least throw some new arguments at me. If I said ‘John Smith is a heretic’ I’d need serious justification. If I say ‘People who obstinately oppose Church teaching are heretics,’ I’m stating a fact.

Oh I’m so sorry, Cardinal Burke. :roll_eyes:


Yes it is dull, and annoying. No one cares whether you think they are heretics, cause you don’t have the authority to use the term in regard to anyone, and it doesn’t serve good communication.
It’s the knee jerk of a shallow argument. There are many good pro life arguments that are slam dunk and convincing. Calling people heretics is not one of them.


If you don’t care about it, then don’t answer me. Good bye.


That as it may be, we are all aware as Catholic’s that the whole world is drowning in deception. You can’t always fight fire with fire. There are some wars that can only be fought and won with God’s love.


You don’t need authority to recognize when someone is holding a heretical belief.


Not sure what point you are addressing. Of course, God is love. What does that love look like when innocent life is at stake?
Is God’s love silent in the face of injustice? Is mercy only for the powerful?


Please read. There is a difference between recognizing what heresy is and it’s definition, and pronouncing someone a heretic.

Those are related yet different things.


So where do you draw that line since you’re advocating being an arbiter of who gets to call themselves Catholic or Christian?


The point is, some wars can only be fought with a specific kind of weapon. If you walk into a room full of delusional people and start enforcing rules and crying out that laws ought to reflect God’s rule, it will be unlikely that you will garner much support and they will rebel against you. In their eyes you will be the tyrant, the evil one even though you’re the one in the right. But if you show them what love is, and inspire love in their hearts, there is an opportunity for God to work in them and change them. It’s not easy, but i just don’t think that using the weapons of the system will get us very far in convincing people that abortion is the same thing as killing a living breathing human with a personal soul. Until they are convinced of this, the law will not change.


Yet what about the body of the little child who is killed by abortion? Is it OK to force control over his or her body to to point of snuffing out his or her little life if the mother so decides?

A free society should not include the freedom to kill others, even (especially) if those others are so vulnerable that they depend on you to support their life.


The same place as the Church does. As previously stated, I am only

Heretics have, through their views, separated themselves from the Church.

God Bless!


Right, well pointing out the science of the thing is very helpful.
A conceived child is a unique individual of the human species, so…that should be convincing.

Back to the privacy assertion: no one has the right to take innocent life under the guise of a right to privacy. I’m not allowed to kill a Frenchman because I have a “right to privacy”. I’m not allowed to lynch a black man in my backyard because I have a “right to privacy”. We recognize the value of those human lives.
Abortion merely denies what is self evident, and uses “privacy” to hide it’s vacant logic.


I don’t know why you are arguing with me. I made two statements, both true. First is that pro-life people don’t want women to have the choice to terminate their pregnancies. The second statement is that, as a society (speaking of in the U.S.), the choice has been made to allow woman to make the choice of whether they terminate or keep a pregnancy (the majority of people in the U.S. approve of a woman’s right to choose).

You seem to want to argue with me about how we got to this point. I am not interested in arguing about it with you, quite frankly. I don’t argue about the right or wrong of this issue, especially on a Catholic forum. That would be a little silly, wouldn’t it?


I don’t think it’s meant to be a pro life argument so much as wondering if pro abortion politicians could be excommunicated on the grounds of publicly promoting heretical beliefs.


Doesn’t mean they’re not Catholic however… not according to your mother church.


Yours as well, I assume. And technicalities won’t change the fact they’ve separated themselves from the Church and renounced any right to call themselves Catholics, that is its members.


Makes me wonder, aside from Facebook or other social media/internet discussions, how many posters here have had actual conversations with pro-choice Catholics? Real, meaningful conversations (not name calling red faced shouting matches).

In every conversation I have had with a pro-choice Catholic the other person does not just get all gung ho giddy that there are abortions and think abortions should be available for any reason at a kiosk in the mall. They all have some limits that they want to see in place. When you weigh those limits against the loopholes that the people on the other side of the aisle have accepted, there is not much space between them.


Didn’t Ireland have parties celebrating having the right to abortion?


Most political action groups celebrate wins. That is not want I am talking about, I am talking about individuals. The people who sit in the next pew.

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