Pro choice Catholics?


Today I met some pro choice Catholics talking about how it should be the woman’s choice to abort if It endangers her health or if she was raped or if the baby will be born disabled the last part really offended me my big brother (now 28) is severely disabled he has trouble walking and can’t think rationally my mother was told that he would have a slim chance of surviving and if he did he’d be a vegetable unable to see walk talk of hear and not only that the pregnancy would be dangerous to
Her health so he advised her to get an abortion my mother told that doctor that he was wrong and her son would walk talk see and hear she said he might never be normal he might be disabled but he will live she prayed to god she went to different holy shrines and when she had my brother he was born dead he was dead for a total of 15 minutes they managed to revive him and put him on life support about 15 specialist came into the room and told my mum there wasn’t any chance that he’d survive my dad burst into tears but my mom was calm as a breeze and told the doctor your wrong he’ll survive after they left she got on her knees and prayed so hard saying god I don’t care if he’s disabled please let him live a few days later he was able to breath on his own and the doctors said ok he’ll never see walk talk or hear because his brain cells where slowly dying but my mom noticed his eyes following her and she told the doctor are you trying to tell me my son can’t see the doctor was shocked and said it’s a miracle she couldn’t understand how he could see but she still said if he lives he’ll never hear nor talk nor walk Any wAy to cut a long story short he now sees walks talks and hears he may have brain damage he may have difficulty walking but no one can say that god didn’t want him to live I believe he feels the same about every baby my entire family is pro life this happened before i was born but I’ve heard the story so many times it feels
Like I was there one thing I forgot
The mention was that the Joseph’s doctor converted and believed in god after that and even sent another lady to our house the lady knocked on the door with tears in her eyes and said “someone told me you can heal my child” my mom looked and the little kid and said I can’t heal him it was god who healed my son but let me tell you does your son look happy and the lady said yes and my mom said then you should be happy. I believe no child should be loved less or given any less rights in certain circumstances god definitely wanted my brother to live I just thought I’d share my brothers story with you all sorry I’m not good with my punctuation but I believe all Catholics should be pro life the odds where stacked against my mother and brother and they both lived people have more humanity for dogs than they do for humans they’ll protest for animal rights import shelter dogs to homes in other countries and I’m looking and thinking where is the love for the aborted children i saw a video I can’t remember what it’s called but the man said it’s illegal to condemn an unborn baby to slavery but completely legal and funded to condemn that same child to


Amen! Abortion is murder. I am pro life.


You cannot be catholic and “pro choice.” Incompatible.


Pro choice is automatically accepting sin! Not just some “right”.


I agree with the posters above but please use some punctuation.


I know I have a problem with punctuation I didn’t stay is school long enough to learn what punctuation goes where


Well they are they where dropping leaflets saying it’s ok under certain circumstances


If you want help with puncuation I can show you. I think your message is good though!


They are wrong.


It’s a good message you have and your brother’s story is quite amazing.

Periods signify the end of a thought. So for example, here’s your post with the periods.

Each of those is a complete thought. Therefore you can put periods at the end of them.

If you read the first one aloud, I’m guessing you would’ve paused where the comma is in the second.


Yep he’s a miracle and he can be difficult sometimes and people even recommended that he be put into a care home but that will never happen he’ll always live with us and the weirdest thing is he’s so pious If you say Joseph that’s a sin or god wouldn’t be too happy about that he’ll immediately stop what he’s doing I believe that people with special needs like Down syndrome or like my brother are the only truly good people in this world they have so much faith and it’s so emotionally moving to see and thank you for the help with my punctuation I’ll try to use it next time


I would have used a colon after the word “punctuation”:

I know I have a problem with punctuation: I didn’t stay in school long enough to learn what punctuation goes where.


Enough about English language… debate is always healthy.


A semicolon would work better than the colon in this instance.


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