Pro-choice group put banner advertising abortion pills on Galway Cathedral


A GROUP OF pro-choice campaigners placed a banner advertising abortion pills on Galway Cathedral yesterday morning.

The recently-formed Díobháil group placed the banner, which advises women on where they can procure pills which induce miscarriages, on the cathedral yesterday at 7am.

It remained there until after 11am.


“Reproductive justice”? Is that what they’re calling it these days?


That is trespassing.

It’s amazing how so called progressive protestors feel they are above the law and feel no shame in trespassing, spitting at pro-life campaigners, etc. Some so called progressives are even cool with burning down buildings when they lose.


the god of this world hath blinded them.


Deconstructionism and nihilism is part of their ideology, so it only makes sense that their actions are psychotic and hypocritical.


I’ve had people flip the bird at me when I have stood near an abortion clinic and all I am doing is sitting in my chair either reciting the Rosary or reading Catholic prayers.

I am truly scared for the future of this nation. May God be with us.


What a perversion of the word justice or the word reproductive.:frowning:


Shame on them. They will pay for their transgressions, if not in this lifetime, then after death.

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