Pro-choice male hair stylist roundhouse kicks pro-life campaigner

What does this mean?

That was the international news CNN did think worthy of US attention.

What does this man’s job as a “male hairdresser” have to do with anything?


Nothing at all.


As did the Daily Mail. And MSN covered the Toronto story. If your point is just that you don’t like CNN’s news coverage, got it.

Stories often have the occupation of the participants. In this case he was fired from his job so it is part of the story.

True, I wouldn’t believe the date in CNN or MSNBC.


Or even more, Breitbart and Fox.


bill clinton made it to the supreme court? wow, how did i miss this? :rofl:

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especially if it does not go well with your bias.

cnn would probably have a headline like

pro-lifer throws her shoulder into a man practicing leg stretches in a peaceful protest


sounds like a bar with a friendly establishment and good conversation

Bill Clinton deserved impeachment.

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It isn’t enough that the pro-abortion side won and abortion is literally available until the moment right before birth in Canada. Even the occasional faint dissent that won’t change anything is not allowed in their blood-soaked freedom-loving utopia.


BTW, has the Canadian government rescinded it’s policy forcing nonprofits to support abortion to get money yet?

No. And it may last another 5 years if the polls are correct.

I don’t get how people are just ok with that.

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This guy, Jordan Hunt who is accused of doing this. Of all things, this lady who got an accidental pregnancy and did NOT abort knew Jordan Hunt. Knew him from up in Canada.

October 8, 2018 (Save the 1) – I am a mom of two. The beautiful girl who made me a mom is almost 6 years old. That same beautiful girl was conceived in a rape. As soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test, I thought abortion was the answer. Abortion is “always the answer” when a woman is raped, isn’t it? In fact, I was working as a nanny and my employer told me I would have to abort if I wanted to keep my job because she didn’t want her children to see me “like that.”

I went to the pregnancy resource centre here in Ontario and asked the woman whether I should abort or not. She told me that although she couldn’t tell me what to do, she would offer support regardless. If I kept the baby, they would help me with furniture, prenatal class, counseling – the whole nine yards, and she assured me that I was capable of raising my baby.

See article for the rest of the story.

I am surprised it showed up anywhere outside of Toronto. It is only a simple assault, of which thousands occur daily throughout the world. Sure, it is good local news, and perhaps of special interest to Pro-life outlets, but I don’t see where major outlets would cover it.

If an anti abortion protester harmed a woman going to get an abortion that would make the news. I see all sorts of things in the news that are only of interest to ‘special interests’. All news is really for special interests. The point is that the concern of the major news media is in hiding the truth about abortion and its advocates.

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