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Have any of you seen this site:

I like the talks (such as Fulton Sheen and Rev. Hugh Thwaites SJ), but the thought came that they might not have the rights to post them for free on the internet, and thus make it immoral to listen to them.

Any thoughts on this?

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They have clearly stated the copyright status of the contents they provide.

In the interests of making the teachings of the Catholic Church available to all, the speakers have donated these recordings to Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for free downloading and distribution. Some of the original recordings are the legacy of John Edwards (R.I.P.) of CV Productions, and in those instances, the production was by Arthur Johnson of Lodestone Recordings. The recordings must not be altered and they must not be sold on.

What makes you think it would be inmoral to listen to them?

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Clearly he wasn’t aware of the copyright status.

I’ve listened to a ton of the stuff on that website. It’s all well-done. Most of the speakers are British, as is the group that sponsors the website, so I would venture to say there is a verbal agreement on posting their stuff for public access (Thwaites, Crane, Davies, McCleod, etc…). As far as the Fulton Sheen stuff, his talks have been available for free on multiple sites all over the internet. I’d find it hard to believe these sites have operated for so long without any intervention from authorities if there really was a copyright violation.

This is one that I’d not worry too much on.

How I wish those videos be available in my country with selectable Tagalog and Cebuano subtitles!

Thank you for the link.:slight_smile:

Thanks for all of y’alls help!

I DID see the copy write status, but I was still questioning the legality of it.

God Love You!

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