Pro-EU Lib Dems surge in U.K. by-election for David Cameron's old seat


**Pro-EU Lib Dems surge in U.K. by-election for David Cameron’s old seat

The pro-EU Liberal Democrats have more than tripled their vote share in a U.K. by-election for David Cameron’s old constituency of Witney in Oxfordshire, England.

The Conservatives held the seat in Thursday’s poll, but with a vastly reduced majority. New MP Robert Courts won by 5,702 votes, with the party’s vote share falling from 60 percent in 2015 to 45 percent.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats, who campaigned on a moderate, pro-EU platform designed to win over center-ground Tories, shot from fourth place and 7 percent of the vote, to second place and 30 percent.

The Liberal Democrats have welcomed the result as a positive sign of their chances in a future general election, particularly since they lost several seats in the South of England to the Conservatives in 2015.

Leader Tim Farron said the party was “back in the political big time.”

But some commentators on Twitter pointed out that the result could also be a sign of a significant pro-EU vote developing in British politics (above).**


More buyers remorse from those who voted for Brexit and are now realizing just what the implications of that are really going to mean for the UK?


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