Pro-EU Stanley Johnson has generous words for son Boris on Father's Day

**Pro-EU Stanley Johnson has generous words for son Boris on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day today and also Boris Johnson’s birthday. The Leave campaigner’s dad, Stanley, who is on the opposite side of the referendum debate, had some generous words for his son (with whom he’ll be celebrating later).

At a Remain rally in Hyde Park, London, Stanley Johnson told the BBC he felt very strongly about the referendum and was confident “we are going to win this, I mean 100% sure of that and there are a lot of good issues. I congratulate Boris - by the way, it’s his birthday today - he has really done a fantastic job, he’s put the issues on the table. But the only reason I disagree with him, I think we’ve got to stay in and he thinks we’ve got to come out.” **

He insisted the atmosphere in the Johnson family was “fabulous” and they were all meeting to celebrate Boris’s 52nd birthday. Mr Johnson senior said that if Remain won on Thursday, we have to “jump on board the ship and take control. That was the message that Brexit have used. Well I say let’s take control but let’s take control of the EU project.”

Methinks Boris should pay more attention to his dad…

I hope he gives him a good skelp later…:wink:


Vouthon is on the pro-EU side of the controversial referendum in Britain.

Yes, I am indeed on the pro-EU side, and I was being facetious of course with my comment - given that it is father’s day. :thumbsup:

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