Pro Francis Podcasts?

Hello, none catholic here but I love the Catholic Faith and especially Pope Francis. Indeed, he makes me want to be catholic! I’ve been looking for good catholic podcasts to listen to, but the only ones I’ve been able to find are reactionary, anti-Francis and conspiratorial eg. Taylor Marshel or Patric Coffin. What podcasts do you guys enjoy that are supportive, or actually like Pope Francis?

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While I don’t know of any podcasts that are intentionally super pro-Francis, Fr. Mike Schmitz has a podcast/youtube channel with pretty solid Catholic content! Most of his videos are very short, but they’re solid and they’re good little tidbits of Catholicism! I think all of them are on the Ascension Press website!

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I can’t give you any advice on podcasts.

I can say, as a non-Catholic, Fr. Mike can tend to be a bit “hit or miss” with me. I’ve watched some decent stuff but have also watched some stuff that was full of stereotypes of non-Catholics. Something to keep in mind.

I follow both Chris Stefanick and Emily Wilson on facebook. They are really authentic and examples of good faithful Catholicism. My daughter put me onto Emily as she follows her. She is a young newly married woman who speaks to her age group about authenitic femininity.

Please don’t touch Taylor Marshall, Patrick Coffin, Michael Voris and the like with a 40 foot barge pole. They are heavily financially invested in division and cultishness. They are the modern day epitome of the traders in the Temple praying on the weaknesses of new and young Catholics. Run for the hills from anything they produce.


Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire.

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Taylor Marshall is fairly good imo although I agree with you re MV. Idk about the middle one though.

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I agree.

I do listen to Taylor Marshall, do not listen to Michael Voris, not because what he says is always wrong but just because of the way he says it. Patrick Coffin used to be the facilitator on Catholic Answers Live and now has his own podcasts. I have not listened to him, so I can not comment on him either.

As others have said, I don’t know about being pro Pope Francis, (Catholics should be pro-Papacy always) but some good Catholic podcasts are:

I like listening to Father Nix at Padre Peregrino podcasts. He is a hermit, Catholic priest that does a lot of street evangelization.

Johnette Benkovich on Women of Grace is very good also

Reason and Theology also has many good videos.

Sensus Fidelium is very good, with many many videos and talks.

As others said, Father Mike Schmitz or other videos from Ascension presents


Franciscan Friars have very good videos, found on EWTN youtube

Patrick Madrid also on Relevant Radio

Also Father Richard Heilman and Doug Barry’s Grace Force youtube

Taylor Marshall is controversial, though I do like some of the very good priests he has had on. Also, if you go back to his podcast page, not his youtube videos, he has a lot of good apologetics.

God bless :slight_smile:

Does the OP speak French?

I do not speak French.

Ah okay.

I ask because I know of a few French channels who are supportive of Pope Francis, and who defend Vatican II sand other things against various radtrad accusations.

That sounds like what I’m looking for. Maybe you could give me their names and that would lead me somewhere.

I like listening to the Catholic answers Focus podcast, because while it may touch on Pope Francis a little bit, it mainly has to do with Church teaching. There’s not usually a conspiratorial stance to it.

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I will agree that you would most likely enjoy him, based on your OP.

I found this list

The first one is Chaîne Catholique d’Arnaud Dumouch. The second one is Archidiacre.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know, as long as you can get past the banter lol. Pints With Aquinas is pretty good.
second the Word on Fire Podcast suggestion. also Bishop Barron’s Sermons

I also listen to Padre Peregrino, he’s much more traditional than the others I’ve mentioned, but haven’t heard much “anti Francis” stuff on their.

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