Pro-Infanticide Professor Peter Singer Gets 20K for Arizona State Speech

Some people tend to agree with Mr. Singer. How do we dispute this? How can we stop this poison from being spread in the universities of the world?


**Pro-Infanticide Professor Peter Singer Gets 20K for Arizona State Speech


by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 28
*, 2008*
**Tempe, AZ ( – **Arizona State University is coming under fire for inviting controversial infanticide advocate Peter Singer to speak on campus. The Princeton professor will reportedly receive $20,000 for the speech, where the audience will not be allowed to question him on his anti-newborn views.
Singer promoted the notion as early as 1984 that parents of disabled newborns be allowed to kill the baby shortly after birth. In some cases, he says newborns with disabilities should absolutely be killed.
He expanded on the idea with the publication of his book Should the Baby Live? The Problem of Handicapped Infants a year later


this is really no different from a pro-abortion professor.

I find it hard to believe this idiot is still walking the streets, much less getting paid to spew his venom.

It’s amazing what the “for the benefit of society” thinking can create. Isn’t it?

What if all the chairs in the auditorium for this speech had wheels on them? What would the audience be thinking? What about the speaker?

Anyone request a statement from the university as to the purpose of the speech? Maybe it was meant as a way to present the view, but encourage debate against such selfishness. Well, it IS possible.

Wondering if he ever heard of the group Not Dead Yet. It’s a group of disabled people against euthanasia.

There are a few people that post on CA that are always using Singer as a role model. I have often wondered if they know what he truly believes.

As for me: wondering if he ever heard of Adolf Hitler

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