Pro-Israel at any cost?


Wow. I disagree…here is one little snippet of why: When I visited Israel, I was fortunate to have met a Palestinian Catholic priest, and had a conversation for well over 2 hours. He certainly was no fan of some of the IDF actions, but I specifically asked him: “Is Islam a religion of peace?” His answer was an emphatic “NO!” Remember, this is from a man who grew up there…who identifies as Palestinian.


That doesn’t justify genocide


Assuming this is even true, what reason would any Palestinian have to cross from Gaza into Israel other than to kill Israelis? There has been a long history of terrorist infiltration into Israel and I think anybody could figure that anybody crossing like that is up to no good.

And what would happen if an Israeli tried to cross into Gaza? Probably the same. There is a sort of “DMZ” between the two countries; a “no man’s land” just like there is between North Korea and South Korea.

And it should be remembered that Egypt also blocks Gaza’s southern border because terrorists slip out of Gaza to kill Egyptians in Sinai.


This is a fight that has been going on for centuries. The Israeli government, under Ehud Barak, offered everything Arafat wanted during the Camp David peace talks during July of 2000. Everything, with one caveat, and that was an expiration date, right then and there. Barak truthfully told Arafat that such a deal would never be offered again. Arafat turned him down.

This proved what many suspected all along, and I still believe the case is today, that Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, all the Syria factions, none of them want peace. The Palestinian Authority, the two state solution, these are just excuses, pawns, and poster childs to continue to lob rockets into Israel.

For years, under various US presidents Israel showed restraint, the rockets just kept falling into Israel some hitting, some not. Israel knows all of this, and so do all these Muslim extremists. All of this will continue even after everyone reading this has shuffled off the mortal coil, or until someone does something really stupid, such as Iran.

If the PA or key players in the middle east wanted peace their would have been peace long before now. Everyone, including CAF members should already know all of this, except for the younger members maybe.

The only reason, this has not gotten any worse, is that the policy of over compensation attacks against people like Hezbollah, keeps them in check. Make no mistake, it is a horrible situation for the Palestinian people, but until they stop putting quarters into the Hamas machine, the ride is not going to stop.


What is your definition of genocide?


What would that look like? What would be different than Jerusalem is now?


Strangling a people till they literately die off. You know like the dictionary.


Hmmm…are they killing all the Palestinians in the West Bank? How about killing Gaza people not on a battle field? If not, is it still genocide…like the dictionary?


Israel is strangling the whole Arab world? News to me.


Problem with these things is you never get to the bottom , to the actual truth. I’ve got no reason to support either side. No vested interest. But it would be nice to get some news not tainted by political bias.


Here is the news:

The British wanted to partition Mandate Palestine into Arab and Jewish states in 1948. The Jews accepted and declared the Israel a state. The Arabs refused and declared war. The war on Israel has continued for 70 years. Some Arabs have accepted Israel, most have not. Anti-semites around the world support the war against Israel and the Jews. Israel is willing to negotiate a peace deal, but continues to defend Israel from attack. The anti-semites refuse negotiation, want the Jews dead.

That is the news.


It would be a bronze sign on a building saying “Palestinian Capitol Building”


It would be a mistake to confuse the modern state of Israel with Israel as intended by Scripture. From a purely secular standpoint no other group on Earth gets to have a state. I mean in Europe and in the US we are forced to de Christianize and de Europeanize our land. And if someone objects and wants to set up a Christian state he is a bigot. Based on that alone I don’t see how one can support Israel given modern morality.

The British wanted to only after a campaign of terorism that targeted the British rulers see the Stern Gang, Irgun et al. It isn’t surprising the Arabs weren’t happy at this given how it was achieved.


But we ARE very quick in making rash judgments about Israel, judgments which we generally refrain from making in regard to virtually any other country. We hold Israel to a higher standard, not so much out of respect but more, in my view, out of resentment. This especially applies to many of my fellow leftists who go out of their way to condemn Israel at the drop of a hat, and particularly the Zionist movement. Despite all of this, I think rational criticism of some Israeli policies is possible and good since we should not accept everything the government does without consideration of its effects upon others including Christians and Arabs embroiled in Israel’s fight for survival as well as its politics.


In your opinion then the partition is valid and should be accepted?


However during what the press described as “excessive use of violence” “against defenseless civilians” ended up just killing Hamas members (fact that even Hamas admits to since they declared “martyrs” the ones killed there). So if IDF was on a killing rampage passing through the first rows composed of kids (because Hamas is such a human rights protector, right?) only managed to kill grownups members of Hamas? :dizzy_face:


Whether one likes it or not, it is a fact that must be accepted, much as the partition of British India.


If you accept partition does it mean you support Israel withdrawal from the occupation of West Bank etc?

Currently it Is Israel who is not accepting partition.


I believe that within Israel these matters are discussed much more freely than in the US. In Israel, among Israelis, dissent regarding the treatment of Palestinians is heard and not shouted down as it is in the US.


For starters, they were not killing “anyone trying to cross the Gaza border”. You clearly have very selective reading when it comes to news.

Israel has not stood for war; it has stood for peace. Hamas and Hezbollah both are substitute proto military elements of radical Islam, and in particular, of Iran which ha vowed to completely and utterly destroy Israel. and a significant part of the news media in the US has outright lied about some of the most recent activity against Israel: for example, stating that the protestors were “flying kites” as if this were no more than a protest activity; they just failed to mention that the protestors were adding incendiary devices to those kites.

You may disagree with what Israel does; but given that much of the news you appear to be reading is terribly slanted, perhaps you should find more sources of information upon which to set your opinions.

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