Pro-Israel at any cost?


The “WALL” is even harder to tear down than
the Berlin Wall, yet even the Wall of separation
between Jew and Gentile was torn down!! See
Eph. 2:14 “…Christ, by His own body[thru death]
has torn down the dividing wall of hostility.”
So, now, the Old Hostility between the descend-
ants of Esau and Jacob has erected a “Wall of
Hostility” between Israelis and Palestinians!!


Oh I always thought it’s Ishmael and Isaac.


Can you please elaborate?


Why doesn’t Israel try to come to a fair agreement with the Palestinians?

I remember watching a concerning documentary,which basically showed Israeli kids throwing rocks at the Palestinian kids and vice versa.
Nothing unusual there as they are just children,but what was concerning was that their parents didn’t care at all,didn’t discipline them or discourage them, or laughed it off as being what kids naturally do.
No wonder some of them end up growing up hating each other.


Morally destructive eschatological theories have covered a lot of neo-Protestant charismatic communities in many countries of the world.


Very true. I came out of those groups. Thankfully the CC Bishops and Pope don’t hold these views.


Ironically, these groups are to a large degree anti-Christian.

  1. in regards to the Israeli kids throwing rocks to the Palestinians, there are also Israelis who spit on Christians too.

A small population is extremely xenophobic, wanting only Jews living in Israel. No Muslims, no Christians. These are the families that often do such things. Again, it’s not the majority. The majority of non-Jews living in Israel have no problems.

  1. Israel has tried multiple times for peace. However, the PLO / Hamas, etc has always had an all or nothing approach to their negotiating.

They insist on things which Isreal cannot agree to.


Just as an FYI - that blog on Patheos is from this “Progressive Christians” section, which basically mainline Protestants. Just pointing it out so people don’t think it was in the Catholic section.


I’m not sure how his being Protestant and a former Evangelical is relevant. Read the article. He makes valid points.


I did read the post.

I just wanted people to know as an FYI because some people might not be aware that Patheos houses non-Catholic blogs too.


Um, I’m still not sure why it’s relevant either way. But OK.


Also known as Marxists pretending to be Christians…


Because it’s important to know the world view of bloggers we read.

It’s doesnt dispute facts, but can affect the conclusions or hypothesises they offer.

God Bless


I’m Catholic and agree with him.

What do you think of the article?


I have heard, first hand, contradicting information from a Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Jerusalem.

NOTE: I will not clams that there are not abuses and corruption on the Israeli side, there is. But it’s not Israeli policy to have snipers kill children for sport.


Um, doesn’t Israel have one of the highest abortion rates in the world?


Not really.

As of 2014: Israel had a 13.85% abortion rate per 1000 women ages 15-39

The United States had a 17.14% rate in 2015, France 20.79%. The island nation of Guadeloupe a 39.64% rate in 2014, the nation of Georgia 39.05% rate in 2015, 46.69% in Cuba in 2013, Russia 37.28% in 2014, Sweden 25.35% in 2015, and Greenland a whopping 85.8% in 2014.



Yes, ratio1, you’re RIGHT there, sorry for
the mistake, Esau was the forefather of
the Edomites who were exterminated by
the Babylonians. Ob. 1:1,10 It was Ishmael
who is the father of the Arabs of Today,
and Isaac was the Father of Jacob who was
renamed Israel and from him the Twelve


Brazil and other Latin American countries quite often are pro- Israel at any cost.
in 2017, too, there was a parade in support of Israel, first, there are a lot of evangelists-fundamentalists, and second, a lot of right-wing people who are pro- Israel at any cost, and the army there very Pro-Israeli".
Of course, Jewish indemnity in many areas of life should be obvious, but in some countries of Latin America Jewish business monopolies have taken everything into their hands, it is surprising how many Protestants attach importance to eschatology, often thanks to The Scofield Bible.
Xenophobic hatred and hostility in any form is unacceptable, but here we are talking about eschatological theories that are both in moral and spiritual side are destructive.

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