Pro-Life Ad on Adoption, Abortion to Air on American Idol Finale

Washington, DC – The same pro-life organization that produced a well-received advertisement on President Barack Obama and abortion has another commercial it will air on the series finale of the popular television program American Idol., sponsored by the pro-life Catholic group Fidelis, is behind the ad, which is part of its “Imagine the Potential” series of television commercials.

The latest ad focuses on the lives of political and business leaders, sports figures, and others who all could have become victims of abortion, but, instead, were welcomed into loving families via adoption.

Full story and video of ad at:

I will believe it when I see it. A pro-life ad was supposed to air during the Super Bowl too, until it got pulled at the last minute.

Yep - I’m VERY much a skeptic. :cool:

Hopeful, but still a skeptic.


It’s on FOX, so it just might happen. FOX is the only network to my current knowledge that has told Obama, “thanks, but no thanks,” in rejecting another one of his frequent invasions into our living rooms during primetime television. Granted, that was a financially motivated move rather than political, but it does stand as one example of FOX network’s tendency to operate somewhat outside conventional bounds.

That was a very well put together add.

I did find Jhon Lenon rather ironical, “imagine a world with no religion” …

Adoption is great for children already around, but it doesn’t seem like it conveys the point of anti-contraception and anti-abortion (Maybe a bit but not really) that I’m assuming it was meant to.

I would love to see a parody compilation add, of faces, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Kim Jon Ill, Nichole Richie…

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