Pro-Life Advocates Capture House, Defeat Pro-Abortion Pelosi

Pro-Life Advocates Capture House, Defeat Pro-Abortion Pelosi

Washington, DC – Abortion advocates will no longer control the House of Representatives as pro-life candidates won nationwide and Republican gains well more than the 40 seats needed to win.

Republicans won 20 additional races above and beyond the amount needed to become the majority party in the chamber and wrest control from pro-abortion Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A prolife Catholic who voted seven times - 100% in favor of life (OH John Boehner) replaces a prodeath “catholic” who voted seven times against the protection of the sanctity of all life (CA Nancy Pelosi).

A new day has come. Let us rejoice and be glad :thumbsup:

**We must continue to support & encourage all of the Pro-Life politicians & realize that they are not perfect, but far better than any Pro-Death politicians!!!
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!




Shall we do a victory dance?:dancing:

Or should we also note that the Democrats still control the Senate. :hmmm:

In other words, so what? Do you really think the Republicans regard abortion as the #1 issue? :dts:

There may be token efforts, but the economy, health insurance, illegal immigration, foreign policy, and so on will have a higher priority.:shrug:

But in the states, Republicans triumphed, and this is where specific legislature like the bill that mandates that a woman be shown her ultrasound BEFORE signing for her abortion, will be decided. That bill alone, if passed, could be the death knell for abortion clinics. When women see those little hands and feet, how can they kill that baby?

It starts on a local level and then becomes national. And yes, there are things that the US Congress can do.

I am greatly encouraged by this election result. If for no other reason than if I am allowed to keep more of my own money, I can then contribute more to my local pro-life coalition.

I can’t wait till that witch fake-catholic Nancy Pelosi gets off the pulpit. She is an embarrassment to the Church. With her “Church is undecided” comment on abortion. What a loon…

She will still be the minority leader, no? So we’ll still get to hear her tripe.

Which bill will be overturned by the Federal Courts, on several grounds. Nice try, though:shrug:

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