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Hey guys, I have a deviantart account that I used to post here but had to stop due to some flamers. At any rate, I do a lot of pro-life artwork and I post it publicly. Recently my artwork has been getting a LOT of hits and therefore becoming more easily accessed on searches. This has lead to a lot of coverage. While I am glad that the message is getting out there, I have been getting a lot of really awful comments. I try to hide them or delete the messages, usually threatening or along the lines of “Do the world a favor and go kill yourself”, the volume of them are getting disheartening. I disabled comments on the pieces themselves, but they are sending them by either posting them on other images (like landscapes or animals that I paint) or on my main site. Ugh. I guess I am just looking for encouragement to keep them up, or advice to take them down. Any thoughts?

You’re doing a great thing. If others attack you…you’re in good company, Jesus.
He also received attacks and hostility for teaching truth and love.

Like I tell my daughter. F the critics! you can use the word forget or any other such word you shall choose. Who cares if they dont like your art work. some people dont like the way I play my guitar. So what do I do? pack it up and go home? NOPE! I play LOUDER! LOL! Alot of people I dont even know will come over an listen while Im playing. In the same respect just because they are not posting, does not mean people are not noticing your contributions. Keep doing what your doing. We still have a first ammendment an it applies to your free speech rights too. Dont let the shrill left shout you down. :wink: If your artwork was not effective, they would not be saying anything. :thumbsup: Peace :slight_smile:

If you can, let us know where we can find them, so we can fill them with positive comments for you. :thumbsup: BTW, what is a Flamer? Im old so I kinda dont know the new lingo…:smiley:

Thanks guys. Benidict - a flamer is someone who goes onto art pages just to start trouble by posting inflammatory messages. Some commission works I did of zombies led people to start accusing me of pretty nasty things. If you want my account, I can link you to it in PM. :slight_smile:

lol To me a “flamer” is a pejorative term for a gay guy. Not thinking that’s what she meant… Probably refers to people leaving negative feedback.

Ditto that, benidict.

Where’s your art so we can give it the praise it undoubtedly deserves? If it weren’t good then you wouldn’t be attacked. Please try to keep that in mind. Read the beatitudes. Your reward will be great in heaven, yes, but you are doing good works and must rebuke the discouragement that’s trying to pry its way in.


whitacreGirl:I hope im not stupid.but your saying one should speak less or softer.By the way what does the symble in the middle of the book represent?I think the art is nice.

It is? I have literally NEVER heard that before. I’ve only ever heard it as a web term for people who leave inflammatory comments just to start “flame wars” on webpages…haha

I’ve just spent the best part of half an hour browsing your gallery… and loved every minute!! :thumbsup:

My favourite is “Give Me Jesus Colored”. Keep up the good work.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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