Pro-Life Campaigners Appeal to EU Court Over Vetoed Initiative


The organisers of the largest petition in European history which called for an end to European funding of research that destroys human embryos have taken their case to the General Court of the European Union after the European Commission vetoed the initiative in May.

On July 25th, members of the Citizen’s Initiative “One of Us” lodged an application before the court in Luxembourg against the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, and the European Parliament, asking for the annulment of the Commission’s veto.

In its last day in office May 28th, the “Barroso Commission” rejected the initiative which demanded that Brussels no longer finance any practice that destroys human life before birth. The petition, backed by two million people, was the largest in the history of the European Institutions.


Thanks for posting Abyssinia. I was not aware of such a European provision and its inclusion is heartening for democracy. The article hints at the commission supporting the death culture over the rule of law.

From a human life perspective it is a sad setback.

From a more political and cultural perspective, it will be interesting to see which of the opposing cultures has the longer lasting power and how such a democratic provision will be handled.


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