Pro-Life / Catholic ... what does it mean?

Pro-life? What does it mean to you?

When speaking with many Catholics, it is narrowly focused on opposing abortion.

To a growing number, it means opposing the death penalty and taking steps to stop gun violence…

What does it mean to you?

Further restriction on vehicular travel. As many as 37,000 lives per year in the US alone will be saved. 103 per day.

Isn’t it strange that vehicular homicide is always and everywhere the driver’s fault.

But if the same guy uses a gun to kill, “we gotta ban those evil gunzzzzz!”

Violence involving firearms is indeed a large part of it, but violence in general is pervasive in our rotten culture. There is no excuse for allowing accidental violence to claim 37,000 lives yearly. That is an epidemic.

What do we “do” about that?

Those who gathered together to fight the liberalisation of abortion called their movement pro-life. Many have since also included the dropping of legal prohibitions against euthanasia.

Our society is already against gun violence as well as most other kinds of violence–that is why we have laws against people attacking people in those ways.

It is just those who are invisible who are targeted…

It means also speaking out and taking action against euthanasia (physician-assisted or pharmacist-assisted suicide). While abortion gets far more attention politically, new laws promoting euthanasia are moving forward fast.

Numbers… does not negate the following…

ABORTION is a far Weightier SIN than are political stances re: guns.

Catholics are NOT allowed to Vote for Pro-Death/Abortion Politicians…

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Great idea! That’ll cut CO2 emissions significantly, thereby helping to reduce global warming.

Reduce deaths and cool the planet – I would say it’s like killing two birds with one stone, but killing two birds with one wind turbine is better for the environment, right? :thinking:

That’s the argument. Whether the theory is true is the subject of much debate. Still, less actual pollutants in the air would be beneficial.

Pro-life for the whole life. That is what it means to me. That means I affirm and desire to protect the human dignity of every person even in situations beyond birth and death.

One does have to be careful not to abandon the tenants of the faith, reason and right thinking though. For instance, one can be pro-life while taking serious issue with some proposals for gun restrictions and controls. One can also be pro-life while also thinking that our government does a really poor job of providing aid to those in need. One can be pro-life while really calling into question various government civil rights provisions. And so on.

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