Pro-life Catholics sue over ‘abortion fee mandate’


As pro-life Catholics, Barth and Abbie Bracy don’t want to pay for health insurance that covers elective abortion, but under the Affordable Care Act, they don’t have much choice.

The Bracys’ health-insurance plan is set to expire in November, and all policies currently offered by Access Health CT, Connecticut’s health care exchange, include coverage for elective abortions.

The couple responded by filing a lawsuit Friday against federal officials and Access Health CT, arguing that Obamacare violates their religious freedom by forcing them to pay for abortion services or go without insurance coverage.


I would avoid reading most of the comments on that article unless you want your blood pressure to rise. Although the same can be said for most online articles :smiley:


I hope the couple wins…


What am I missing here? Abortion coverage is handled at the state level. They should be upset at the state, not federal government.

Does the ACA Fund Abortion?

Under the law, no state will be required to provide abortion coverage, and a state can, in fact, pass a law that bars any plan covering abortion coverage from the state-assisted exchange. Fifteen states have passed such laws.

Under the law, there must be one plan that does not cover abortion and it must be identical to the plan that does cover abortion (if there is a state exchange plan that covers abortion.) So, if a person does not want abortion coverage, he or she can choose the identical plan within the exchange that does not cover abortion. So, essentially, only individuals (presumable women) will choose a plan that includes abortion coverage. And, they will have to pay a separate fee for that coverage. That’s the funding that a plan must estimate at least $1 per beneficiary—but it only applies in plans covering abortion.[2]


It does not surprise me at all that “democrats for life” denies the ACA funds abortion.


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