Pro-Life Charisms


Let us support the March for Life participants, and discern within ourselves what we personally can do to stem the scourge of abortion.

Dr. Gianna's Assistants for Life (DGAL) are a private lay association with international membership. This lay association will lead to the establishment of the Sisters of the Holy Innocents and St. Gianna Molla, a pro-life charism in the Dominican tradition. Post-abortive women are most welcome to discern with the emerging Holy Innocents sisterhood. Membership in DGAL is required.

DGAL also offers the Contemplatives of Life Eremitical Network:

As one DGAL member's apostolate, they also offer the Compassionate Friends of the Comatose:

Which will lead to the establishment of the Sisters of St. Lazarus Raised:




The Sisters of the Holy Innocents & St. Gianna Molla will be like the Sisters of Life in many respects. The Holy Innocents sisters will accept post-abortive vocations, provided they are mentally stable. Founder Karen Lhotka is working with her chancery on this. They require participation in DGAL before anyone makes application to the Holy Innocents.



Why the connection with the Dominicans and not other orders? Thanks! :slight_smile:


She’s an MEV and I’m a Lay Dominican. We’re cofounding. There are pro-life charisms already in other spiritual traditions, such as Vincentian and Franciscan. Since we’re working to get the truth out about abortion, that falls into the Dominican tradition.



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