Pro-life Christmas shopping


Hello everyone,

I am a new poster here. For this year’s Christmas shopping, I would like to avoid spending money at retailers who support causes that go against what I believe as a Catholic, for example pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem cell research. I know last year American Girl was in the papers regarding their role in support of pro-abortion causes. My husband has told me Kenneth Cole is a big donater of pro-abortion causes also. Does anyone know where I could find a list of retailers that are pro-life friendly? Or a list of places to avoid? Does something like this exist?

Christine :slight_smile:


I think its

not sure tho… be nice to find a list that has just pro-life companies on it… i’ll start on tonight if ppl give me some names to start.


I know this is not exactly what you are asking, but there are actualy pro-life gifts available at I particularly like the mugs and the maternity shirt.


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