Pro-life clinic opens next door to only Columbus abortion clinic


COLUMBUS, Ga. — A new clinic has opened its doors to join the landscape of pro and anti-abortion clinics in the Columbus area.
Seneca, Choices For Life is less an alley’s length away from the only abortion clinic in town. Seneca workers say their pro-life goal is to offer support for women through their unplanned pregnancies.
Although some community members find the clinic’s location controversial, the clinic says it’s aim is to spread “love to women on the front lines of where abortions are being done.”


Excellent idea.


:clapping: HA! Awesome.


Nice. Here’s hoping it’s not next to a murder-mill long. Prayers for the closing of that evil establishment!


Wise choice, hopefully it will spread…


It’s all about Location, Location, Location. :thumbsup:


Great to hear. :thumbsup:

I hope it saves many lives.:slight_smile:


Up here in Cascadia we had a charter of Birthright do that several times. Unfortunatly, Planned Parenthood (Illegally?) wrote into their lease that Birthright, Options360 or any other pro life clinic cannot lease on the same lot as them as they thought it was “Unfair”. Hypocritical when you think about it because the unborn cant exactly argue their mothers decision to abort them.


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