Pro-life comic book character!

I searched the forums and hadn’t seen this posted as yet:

“What I am asking for is feedback/support from the Pro-Life community,” said Lawlis. “The art community is very pro-abortion and I don’t think my comic book will be received well by them,” adding that he may face repercussions in the industry as well.

The comic book can be viewed here. Interested viewers can contact Lawlis with advice and constructive criticism through the Orange Peel 3 website:

I think this is fansastic!!

Can you imagine Christian movie makers having a genre dedicated to this kind of thing??
Fantastic Four, only with Christian themes embedded in the story and characters. What a way to counter atheism and entertain all at the same time helping our youth out of the Culture of Death mindset.


very cool, I would love to make short films based on stuff like this but it is very difficult to find people to work with, I have the equipment but not the manpower.

yeah i was reading it last night, pretty cool:thumbsup:

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