Pro-life cross display at Southern Methodist U. vandalized


DALLAS, TX, April 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Southern Methodist University’s Students for Life group, Mustangs for Life, has been the target of vandalism and threats, and is asking authorities to open an investigation to find who is harassing them.

The pro-life group had gained university permits to put up a 2,904 cross display on campus, symbolizing the number of babies aborted every day in the U.S. Students worked hard together setting up the display, and put up signs explaining, “Memorial of Innocents: 1 Cross = 1 Life Lost to Abortion Today."

Within hours of being set up, in the middle of the night, the display was demolished Every cross was kicked over.


How rude, they were being nice enough to remember all the unborn who died and people get angry about it. Frankly, that seems really immature on the part of the vandals. I aint mad but I am disappointed in the culprits.


I am the Vice-President of the Respect for Life club at my Catholic university, and we did this same exact thing, a Memorial of the Innocents, a few weeks ago. The only difference was that we used white flags placed in the shape of a heart instead of crosses. However, we had signs attesting to what we were doing, and of course there was some backlash by certain individuals and a particular unofficial on-campus group, but nothing as extreme as this. Yet, we made precautions for such actions by ensuring that there was someone standing with the flags for the entire 24 hours they were on display, having learned from vandalism in the past.

As such, I feel for this group very much, and hope that they can spread their pro-life message to more of the student body as I am.

May God bless us all! :slight_smile:


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