Pro-Life Democrats 2020

Did any pro-life Democrats show up on your ballot? They certainly help provide more options for struggling Catholics. Even if you know you’re not a Democrat, it’s good to stack the party with pro-life ones!

Here’s a rundown from Democrats for Life of those who ran, including those who won.

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Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is in the process of purging these people from the ranks. They weren’t permitted to caucus this year and some weren’t endorsed by their party and had to run as Independents.


That is right, including that civil rights icon, African American in Tennessee. He ran as an Independent.


In my opinion, anyone that thinks the Democrat party can be rehabilitated is in denial.

You’ve got two choices now: Republican or Solidarity.


Planned Parenthood, deep pockets supporting the DNC.


I made a thread about him when he won his primary earlier this year, but we (Minnesota, that is) lost a big one in Congressman Collin Peterson. He’d been representing a rural red district for the last 30 years, but lost pretty badly this week (54-40%).

I’m sad to see one of the last conservative Democrats in Congress go (e.g. pro-life, pro-gun, one of only three Democrats to cross party lines and vote against impeachment). The system will keep breaking down further as each side gets more and more siloed into only one acceptable position on each issue.


Sort of a gotcha situation?

It’s may or may not be possible, but it is no more unlikely than the Republicans being rehabilitated.


I’m OK with voting for the few who do run. The DNC needs to hear especially from Catholics that it’s a bad idea to alienate pro-life voters.

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It would be great to have pro-life voices in every party.
No such luck this year.
On the plus side, our write in lieutenant governor candidate picked up 10% of the vote-not bad for a write in and hopefully this will get both parties rethinking taking votes for granted.
We also saw more minority voters voting Republican which may encourage the Democratic party to reconsider a few assumptions.
There is always reason for hope.

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Do you think they care? Seriously? Biden, Pelosi, Durbin, and how many more, they do not want to hear from Catholics, especially on the pro life issue. Catholics who vote for Democrats truly cannot say they are completely pro-life.

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They care about how to win elections, just like the Republicans.


Correct - they capitalize on the Catholicism of Pelosi, Biden Durbin and others - they can garner enough of the Mass attending that are liberal and or poorly catechized and a huge percentage of the dissident non Mass attending Catholics and CEO Catholics [CEO = Christmas, Easter and Obituary] to win elections. Sadly, these pro-Abortion, anti-Catholic [who promote, same sex marriage, Euthanasia, etc] Catholics are impacting the Catholic youth … why listen to your parents, parish priest and the teachings of the Church when all they want is to control you and ruin your happiness- when these famous people support all the actions that “sins” and tell you they are both good faithful Catholics and are fighting for the down trodden … Thus obviously abortion is not killing a baby its a woman’s choice etc.

It might have been considered a public scandal in the past … now many priests and bishops also have drunk the cultural kool-aid … they also support these same people despite their support for intrinsic evil and actions that violate God’s plan

Hold my beer.

Need we bring up the million dead Iraqis? The victims of Republican policies that targeted the poor the world over?

Politicians are usually soulless power hungry servants of the powerful. Read the chapter in Road to Serfdom about “Why the Worst Get on Top.”

You know whataboutism isn’t really a logical fallacy, right? You asked about Catholic Republicans, yes. Are you assuming there was a bloc of Catholic Republicans that didn’t vote for the Iraq war? That didn’t promote such policies the world over? I haven’t seen any evidence of such a group. Therefore…

If you are unable to answer this very simple question then stop. I’m not going to play the game.

So no evidence of a group of Catholic Republicans opposing the imperialistic actions of the United States and predatory capitalism. Gotcha.

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It is not up to me to provide evidence. You have not answered the question which remains;

I am not talking about a group, I’m not talking about law makers doing the job they were elected to do. I am talking about a CATHOLIC REPUBLICAN who has stooped as low as these CATHOLIC DEMOCRATS. If you are unable to do so, then so be it. The thing you will not do is turn this over to a blame the Republicans thread.

This is not a substantiated figure.

Yes, it is easy to see the ills of the Iraqi invasion, it’s a two way street.

I don’t even know who are Republican Catholics in Congress who voted for the Iraq war.

What about the millions killed in Vietnam over the Vietnam war started by Democrats?

Catholics who voted for the Iraq invasion.

Joe Biden, oops.

I guess if Newt were there, he’d be one.

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