Pro-life differences in abortion vs. euthanasia?


Hey guys, I was discussing euthanasia on Facebook because a friend posted about how it should be a human right, but the funny thing is, this friend is morally opposed to abortion. It further disappointed me when a Christian friend chimed in that the difference between abortion and euthanasia was obvious and that it dealt with the issue of consent. Does anyone else see this as odd? How can one be okay with euthanasia but against abortion? I noted that there was not such an obvious difference because both violate the sanctity and dignity of life, but I’m still just so confused by this. Is abortion worse from a moral standpoint because it’s someone else’s life instead of one’s own life? Can these two issues be linked together in a thoughtful argument?


For a Jew or a Christian, suicide is immoral because life is a gift from God. A person has no more right to murder himself than he had to murder others. Regardless of faith, helping sick people to kill themselves is gravely immoral because ill people often have clinical depression and are not making a free choice.


I’d like to share a site that readers may already be aware of, the Christian run Life Site News that has been incredibly helpful to me to be able to connect the dots of the various aspects of the cultural revolution that include euthanaisia and abortion.
In a recent article: “There is a feeling among many people that the restriction of religious liberty, the continued legality of abortion, and the redefinition of marriage are inevitable…many people don’t realize that the various battles in the Sexual Revolution actually all correlate to one another—that what we are seeing now is the end game of an incredibly vast and well-planned cultural project. It is because we miss many of these connections that we often cannot see, with clarity, how the culture wars are actually unfolding.”

People may think that these ideas are new but they are warmed over National Socialist and Communist social engineering policies. In fact one can go back to the French Revolution to the rejection of God and the moral universe and replace it with social control.The Nazis got started by killing off their own disabled (somehow Terri Schiavo comes to mind) and were infested with sexual immorality. The “Pink Swastika” is a good source that traces its homosexualist history.
A utopia of total control over society was predicted back in the 1930’s with Huxley’s “Brave New World”. It is not a pleasant place to live despite the material security but it seems we are careening at breakneck speed towards that. This may come as a reaction to some kind of partial nuclear disaster caused by war between the mega powers.
Of course in such an ideal society they do not have old age or illness. This is taken care of by euthanasia. The ONLY thing preventing this slide as pointed out in the article cited above are Christian values that are having some measure of success. We have to keep the faith!


First of all, euthanasia is not always a matter of personal consent. It has been directed against permanently incapacitated family members, for example. In this context, it would be exactly comparable to abortion.

But even when there is personal consent, it does not become OK. Suicide and murder are both wrong, are both sins against the same commandment, even though the first involves personal consent. Personal consent to sin remains sin.



They are both murder.

Funny how Americans are starting to use the"civil right" tag on any agenda they want to promote. As our Preamble to the Declaration of Independence states Civil Rights were endowed to us by our Creator and are listed as the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

By nature, both abortion and euthanasia deprive someone of life. Even if consented to, it is not the perogative for us to make as individuals. (Governments are given the obligation to protect society and to use the death penalty or warfare in certain circumstances, but except in self defense, individuals do not have the proactive choice).


How much consent does a person have if they’re feeling pressured? As euthanasia becomes ‘normal’ the sick/elderly will start feeling pressured to consent. How are we going to feel when we know everyone is thinking about how much time, money, and emotional stress we are causing them? Why not just quickly move to the inevitable to save everyone some grief?

How many young girls/women feel pressured to have an abortion because now it is the easy acceptable way out? Look at even how we let society make us feel guilty if we want more than 2 children. Euthanasia will not be any different.


Euthanasia is not taking one’s own life. That is suicide. Euthanasia is murdering someone else just like abortion is. The only difference is that one murder takes place before birth while the other takes place after birth.


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